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What is it about these people? Last week the Friends of the Earth brigade of the eco-army suggested that Mayor of London Boris Johnson had acted too slowly to select an environmental advisor. The story was, naturally, reported in the Evening Standard, see HERE.

There are many things that mark out and define the eco-environmental debate, or lack thereof. Reliable statistics and an element of hysteria being just two. Five whole weeks without Boris picking a green guru, tut tut. So, based on the fact that one term for the Mayor of London is four years, here are some facts: five weeks out of four years is 2.4%.

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The Olympics, and ours not theirs, could turn out to be for whoever is Mayor of London (MoL) on the due date, 2012, a mixed blessing and we should not assume, automatically, that Boris will still be mayor. During the hustings for the election of MoL 2008 did anyone hear Boris, Brian or Sian say a word about the 2012 event? If the answer is no then this was not remarkable as it is a done deal and to speak out would have made the candidate look a bit like King Canute attempting to hold back the tide of the inevitable in a futile gesture.

Waking up to crime

24/7 - if you can afford it

Thorough borough map.Thorough borough map.
Well how amazing, an article in the Evening Standard, 29th April 2008, explains how a 24 hour approach to policing in one London Borough, Hammersmith and Fulham, has brought forth positive results. It seems that 31 extra officers have had a valuable impact on crime levels. The article carries the following quote from Greg Smith, Hammersmith and Fulham's cabinet member for crime and anti-social behaviour,

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