Benefit dependency takes many forms

IDS, ex-Tory party leader, finds gainful employment and other stories, CAP to remain?

Cycling for all?Cycling for all?
There is a tsunami of comment on the home front related to the task ahead of Iain Duncan Smith. Here is a man enjoying himself, and why not? Most contemporary press pictures show a now older, and we assume wiser man, toing-and-froing No10 Downing Street with a pile a papers under his arm. IDS, his political label, was the leader of his party from late 2001 to late 2003; some pictures of this time show an altogether different man but these were different times all around. IDS took over the leadership role, after a leadership election, from William Hague who had promptly resigned having lost the 2001 election; contrast that to the going of Gordon Brown and his subsequent sulk.

In 2001 the age of Nulabour was in full spate, the problems that IDS now has to solve were hardening up too, but they began long before. It remains to be seen if the goal of IDS's work will be achieved. If the sentiments expressed in recent press reports are a guide then as a result of this work it's either the end of life as we know it or a new dawn. The older and wiser people I've consulted suggest it's neither of these and a boring compromise is due. The usual - aim high but have explanations ready- scenario.

The supporters of the IDS initiative might say that welfare leads to dependency which is evil and socially corrosive.

Save our bacon

A rural idyll

Winnie the pig
veteran activist
Winnie the pig veteran activist

As pig farmers march on parliament the talk is of high grain prices and the trouble competing with cheap imports of pork reared to lower welfare standards. The answer is clear.

Imagine a Britain which has a vibrant rural society with a complex, mixed economy with a liberal approach to planning and regulation. The countryside repopulated and containing: village schools, shops, pubs, buses, post offices, farm shops, small abattoirs and food processors, affordable housing, employment opportunities for the young, entertainment, wildlife and a welfare friendly farm management system. Imagine a beautiful countryside supporting tourism, entertainment and recreation

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