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I recently heard Peter Mandelson refute Sarkozy's plea for more protectionism in order to save starving babies in Africa by claiming that his negotiations at the Doha round would result in Free Trade with the Third world and this would prevent starvation in Africa. Read the following article by NEIL O’BRIEN Director, Open Europe in December 2005. He explains how the EU and its unelected commissioners DO help starve babies in Africa and how to change this situation. By the way Open Europe is very optimistic and actually thinks that the EU can be reformed! Who bets the article will still be relevant for this year's talks?
Doha began in 2001 and no doubt will end in failure this year. The US is blamed for many things, it amazes me that the EU still claims, with very little criticism, the high moral ground.
Neil O'Brien says that there may never be a deal on the Doha round. For this the EU (and in particular its Trade Commissioner, Peter Mandelson) is largely to blame.

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Winnie the pig
veteran activist
Winnie the pig veteran activist

As pig farmers march on parliament the talk is of high grain prices and the trouble competing with cheap imports of pork reared to lower welfare standards. The answer is clear.

Imagine a Britain which has a vibrant rural society with a complex, mixed economy with a liberal approach to planning and regulation. The countryside repopulated and containing: village schools, shops, pubs, buses, post offices, farm shops, small abattoirs and food processors, affordable housing, employment opportunities for the young, entertainment, wildlife and a welfare friendly farm management system. Imagine a beautiful countryside supporting tourism, entertainment and recreation

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UK forest in the rain UK forest in the rain

As we wrote on our sister site, the independence index in an article about the attitudes found in the groups in opposition to the EU called, 'Anti EU-groups, and how to spot them:

They have a total, and touching, assumption that we all share the same set of beliefs, for example that we are all royalists. It is beyond their reach to imagine that any one would want an independent republic.

See full article HERE

This assumption is so silly that is it any wonder that the credibility of these groups is so low?

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