The Road to Batley and Spen, (part two).

And thence to the wilderness?

Midshipman Johnson rules the wavesMidshipman Johnson rules the waves

George Orwell was a Socialist and prior to WW2 Socialism was the go-to cult of the more flamboyant section of the middle class. As we have seen the natural tendency of people like Orwell to preach on the subject was much of the reason his publisher did not like the second half of ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’. As Orwell had spent some time at Eton I think we can see the problem from the point of view of the publisher. History shows that on a general level Socialism fell out of favour with much of the population. However, the middle class are known for their determination to save others from themselves. And now the go-to cult for those intent on cutting a dash is ’wokeism’ which is very similar. It relies upon large amounts of money which the practitioners don’t have. Thus they are bound to spend other people’s money to get the desired result. Here we should remind ourselves of the thoughts of Margaret Thatcher, how Socialism eventually fails as you run out of: ‘other people’s money’. That sentiment is generally dated as coming from a TV interview she gave in 1976 and still applies today, though now we have:‘levelling up’. We part dealt with that slogan in the first section of this double post. The Conservative party cling to the notion that this slogan is a winner. What they fail to spot is that it is in the same league as:‘for the many not the few’.

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