Rowan Williams

On the rampage

Non-important people collide with reality.

4 legs meets 4WD4 legs meets 4WD

Elephants are on the rampage in India. It is thought they do this because they are under stress of some sort, usually they are immature elephants and they can be very disruptive. On the rampage - this leads us to the Archbishop of Canterbury and Ed Balls. If there was a Silly Man of the Year competition the AoC would do well. Christine Odone writes of how the AoC was under stress at the time of the debate on gay priests, saying of the AoC-

thoughtful, warm and wise, a good man severely tested by the schism over homosexual priests that risked splitting the Anglican Communion. He could not bear to see the pain and venom that had been unleashed by that row: surely, he told me, eyes welling, "God’s community was inclusive and all-embracing"?

No faith in what's going on

To laugh or cry, perhaps even pray?

It falls apart It falls apart
Well, who would have thought it possible, see HERE, faith schools larding it up a bit? This will come as no surprise to anyone who thinks that the very term 'faith school' is a step in the wrong direction. It's really funny that the people who would run such a school succumb to the temptation to indoctrinate small children.

Again it should come as no surprise that under Tony Blair's leadership of Nulabour the idea of faith schools took off. For here was a man for whom the subject of religion was a cameo to perform on the world stage. “Look at me,” his body language seemed to say as he met the Pope.

Rich and poor alike

I say unto thee shut up

Prophet and profit Prophet and profit
The Church of England has had vast wealth for ages and those of us with long memories can recall when the Church of England had money troubles; not on the same scale as some banks have now, but there was trouble. The CofE also has a property portfolio, begun sometime after the Ark ran aground and of immense value and size. In fact at one time the CofE was the largest land holder in the UK.


Bishop's move?

Hats off to Dr Williams Hats off to Dr Williams
First the speech, that speech, the one that 'raised eyebrows' then the turmoil. Next the, will he won't he resign phase, then the interventions, one from Gordon Brown, I'll bet that helped no end. And now the did he, or not, apologise. "Unclarity" is the word Dr Williams used, and trust him to come up with such an unusual word to describe what most people would regard as his moment of madness.

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