Military review needed?

What are we fighting for?

Wave Knight, too small? Wave Knight, too small?
Back in August we posted - 'The UK armed services, what next'? see HERE. At the time the MSM was reporting, in a general way, on a number of military issues and in particular dealing with procurement. What we noticed was -

The UK broadsheets have in recent weeks carried a number of letters from retired military men letting the enemy have a broadside in the form of their opinion. So who was the enemy? Well often it was the other two services! This may have come as a bit of a shock to some but fear not, this is perfectly normal! Anyone who has taken an interest in the military will have spotted this, the equipment procurement process reinforces the prejudices. Even so there have been a few people trying to debate the way to go, starting with the deliberately provocative question “Do we need an RAF?”

This 'debate' died away and peace resumed. The death toll from Afghanistan continued though, it was this tragedy that put the armed services back in the news.

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