The shape of things to come ?

Archived Stop Press article

Quoted from bookQuoted from bookAli Dizaei has written a book called Not One of Us He is now the Borough Commander of Police in Hammersmith and Fulham (and prior to that of Hounslow) This is an exact quote from the book.
I really am not joking.

Hounslow is huge, exciting and diverse - just like London. In Hounslow, 144 different languages are spoken. There are 10,000 asylum seekers. It is the leading borough for race hate crime in the UK. One in three of the local councillors are black or Asian and in some areas of the borough, two out of three of the population are non-white. In truth though, Hounslow is simply a microcosm of what every borough in London, and many in the rest of the UK, will look like in twenty years from now.