Speedy voting

Archived Stop Press article

EU style
EU style Gordon Brown may adopt European Union parliamentary voting procedures. He is said to have been impressed by the speed of voting in the Barlaymont. Lists of directives are drawn up by 'researchers' with the appropriate voting intention indicated.When the directive number is called the MEP must quickly put up either a right or left hand to indicate yes or no.Only when a vote is close does the electronic system come into play-three buttons for yes, no and abstain.In this way hundreds of laws can be passed in an hour or so.

Our man in Brussels overheard the Prime Minister chuckle:" By the time the next election comes I could have passed even more laws than Tony. No white papers, no green papers and certainly no Lords' oversight."

Gordon was also impressed by the EU method of allocating 90 seconds per MEP to talk on a subject of their choice.There is no discussion and no questions as the subject is pre-booked .The next speech will be about something completely different. Imagine a Westminster with no Prime Minister's question time, no criticism and no discussion. "Bliss", our man heard him say with a smile.