No rush

Archived Stop Press article

'Sir' Robert Mugabe 'Sir' Robert Mugabe
Take your time, no rush. Today, 26th June 2008, we learn two things. One that Robert Mugabe has been stripped of his knighthood. And two that Nelson Mandela thinks that there is suffering in Zimbabwe due to "a tragic failure of leadership". The first point, the knighthood, was awarded to Mugabe in 1994 but removed today because of Zimbabwe's record of human rights' abuses. As far back as 1980 the violence used by Mugabe's supporters was widely reported. So there is a question mark hanging over the award in the first place. Equally there is a question as to why Mandela waited so long before making his comments. Perhaps the violent struggle in Zimbabwe brings back memories of conflict between the ANC and Mangosuthu Buthelezi and his IFP? There's always many dead before peace breaks out in Africa. Also, a tragic failure of leadership could apply to President Thabo Mbkei too, so best keep quiet.