Agree or disagree?

Archived Stop Press article

One Persaud One Persaud
Plagiarism, it's all in the mind, or is it? Raj Persaud has been accused of being a copycat see HERE. There are two aspects behind the word, one is the use without permission of material an author has published and would like circulated, but 'not like that'. The other is the copying or imitation of work. It is so common perhaps it is natural, the tendency to agree rather than disagree. In the sphere of environmental science it is not only natural to agree with one's peers but essential. The case of Bjorn Lombord is typical. For daring to disagree, this former Greenpeace activist has been given a hard time. Two Persaud Two Persaud And the reason for his suffering was that he wrote 'The Skeptical Environmentalist'. Lombord's book upset the warriors of the eco-army and he has been branded more an heretic than a maverick ever since. I like mavericks, so it seems do others, which takes us back to David Davis, man of the moment!