Army hands it to teachers

Archived Stop Press article

keen classkeen class

There has been a deluge of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority following the recent vote at the NUT conference to ban military recruitment in schools on the grounds that a forces' career is glamorised. The complaints all allege that newspaper advertisements for the recruitment of teachers falsely glamorise the teaching profession. The children are all attractive, enthusiastic and well behaved, not a truculent face in sight. The teachers are all elegant and have the class spellbound. This, it is alleged by 100% of the claimants, is not a true reflection of life in British schools.
In addition Sgt. Tim Gray from the Army Recruitment Office gave out this statement: Many of our brave recruits would run a mile if told they had to teach a class of 'disaffected' 16 year olds. We greatly admire the stoicism of teachers but couldn't stand the indiscipline. Peuters