War on drugs lost

Archived Stop Press article

has been lost
has been lost In 1975 there were 5,000 heroin addicts in the UK. Now there are estimated to be 281,000 in England alone. We have the highest level of drug addiction in Europe. Perhaps it's time to admit that the war is lost and that the war may be causing more harm than the drugs.

The USA has spent billions helping build a narco-state in Columbia and other countries are following this pattern.Herbicides used to destroy coca and poppy also destroy the soil. In 1964 The Dangerous Drugs Act marked the beginning of the end of the 'British system' of allowing doctors to prescribe drugs to addicts in a regulated and safe manner.

Khat is legal in the UK and costs £15 per kilo. In the USA ,where it is illegal, it costs over £200. I wonder why?