Children in real need

Archived Stop Press article

  Hi, and get real! Hi, and get real!

As we all know trying to name a pet can be risky, for example when the BBC programme Blue Peter had a few problems choosing a name for a cat. However, the travails of the producers of this programme are not on the same scale as those of British teacher, Gillian Gibbons, who is now in jail in the Sudan. Her crime is all tied up with a teddy bear, this came to the school with a pupil. And as part of a lesson the pupils had to choose a name for the toy, they chose Muhammad. It is said that after a while there were objections, and now Gibbons could face a jail term or 40 lashes for insulting the prophet. While I admire her desire to 'help', you do wonder if anything can be done to help people with that mindset.