Britain could help

Archived Stop Press article

Is this the real tyrant?Is this the real tyrant? We hear our politicians and press criticise other regimes such as Saudi or Burma and then the news item disappears and something more exciting turns up. Burma and Saudi disappear from our screens and newspapers, the rhetoric lingers a while but nothing is done. Do you remember the glee experienced by the mainstream media when Mark Thatcher was entangled in the Equatorial Guinea débâcle? They didn't really care that Obiang Nguema is one of the most brutal dictators in the world, only that they could bait one of their favourite toffs. According to Judith Todd, the daughter of Sir Garfield Todd the reforming ex-prime minister of Zimbabwe, press and governments could do something apart from just talk. They could campaign to refuse to allow the children of the Zimbabwean élites to attend schools and colleges outside Zimbabwe and have travel restrictions on relatives. The Australian government done this. It has targeted the children of the élites.They have been placed on its banned list and their student visas have been revoked. The University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, receives 7 million rand to educate beneficiaries of Mugabe's Presidential Scholarship fund, whilst the rest of the population is starving. Thabo Mbeki could could stop this, turn off the power to Zimbabwe and bring Mugabe to his knees overnight. Press and governments should be shaming him into doing so.