So what does the name tee2i mean?

Well it's shorthand for the independence index. This blog takes independence seriously. There's no problem, in principle, with a country being part of a confederation or partnership, the UK is part of NATO. But the EU is a failing confederation and our independence was threatened by membership, so we voted to leave. There's also the independence of thought which must, obviously, lead to free speech. The popularity of cancel culture must be challenged. Also politics is more than about leaning left or rightward on any issue, it's far more subtle than that. It's all down to the quality of life so let's aim high. It's our right to do so.

Eat this burger!

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remember this?remember this?Abattoirs. 30 years ago there were 2,500 abattoirs operating in the UK. There are now less than 300. EU directives introduced in 1990s imposed prohibitively expensive structural and procedural changes, added to this greater inspection was required making some smaller abattoirs non-viable as costs increased by up to 500%. Thus, local authority meat inspectors, many with immense experience in the field and the ability to link with other related problems such as environmental pollution, were discarded and replaced by vets, many foreign with poor language skills, to comply with the regulations. Only the big abattoirs producing meat for export were given huge grants to comply with the new laws. Mr. Gummer,the man who tried to feed his daughter a burger (she refused) to prove that we were safe from BSE, was the man in charge.

Serious and seriouser

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This one?This one?We have already written about Boris Johnson and his bid to become the Mayor of London, see the article of the same name in the home section, with the sub-title,The race is on. Well, he is now the official Conservative Party candidate. David Cameron, oops sorry, Dave Cameron has been heaping praise on Boris, the man he has sacked in the past, so it would seem that all is well. Some say womaniser Boris, and make up their minds thus, but has this trait damaged the career of David Blunkett and countless others? Some say barking Boris, and suggest he is mad, and this is all down to his celebrity status and his appearances on the TV show 'Have I got news for you'. But this is the very same programme that gave an opportunity to the late Bill Deedes to show off his humourous side, and was he called barking due to an ability to make people laugh? It would seem that Boris is making waves, proof here came in an interview on the BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme. Jim Naughtie was the interviewer and 'had a go' in the typical style of the so-called serious interview. This is the style beloved of the Beeb intelligensia, the hectoring on steriods approach, sounding like or this one?or this one?two dogs in a park : Boris the big blonde labrador and Naughtie the scotty terrier yapping at his heels but unable to reach higher. Woof woof, dull or what?

Let them eat cake

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Total protestTotal protestPresident Sarkozy has called for French businesses including Total Oil to freeze investments in Burma. Total is helping prop up the dictatorship in Burma and one of the fuses for the recent demonstrations was the junta's doubling of the price of oil and diesel. Hence, such sanctions could help frighten the generals. EU sanctions have been in place since 1996. However, there were two important exemptions.
The first was the joint development of a gas field by Total and Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise(MOGE). Many other businesses have been involved in the notorious Yetagun and Yanada pipelines which follow the same route from the Andaman sea across Burma to Thailand. Most have now left in the face of President Clinton's imposition of US sanctions in 1997, the UK government's urging Premier Oil (UK) to pull out of the Yetugan venture and general condemnation of systematic human rights' abuses such as: rape, killings, forced child labour, forced resettlement Aung San Suu KyiAung San Suu Kyiand environmental despoilation in one of the largest rainforest tracts left in mainland SouthEast Asia. Unocal (USA), now part of Chevron, has, at long last, settled two lawsuits out of court when the US Appeals court claimed that Unocal and Total had been aiding and abetting these abuses.

Britain in brown.

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playing croquetplaying croquet Caroline Spelman has a bill to remove gardens from being classified as brownfield sites, this is due to be read in parliament on 19th October (update: the bill was not read as it ran out of time but as there is so much support for this bill it will be represented.) Until then keep up the pressure on the government by writing to Hazel Blears (see e-mail link below). You can still sign the petition and find out more information here. New Labour has increased building on the green belt by 60% and it also plans to build 30,000 houses on gardens per year. John Prescott, who claims to be one of the main movers behind Kyoto, was the person who blithely declared that gardens, and this may include village cricket pitches and golf courses, could be counted as brownfield. Even if the local council and all the inhabitants of an area disagree with a brownfield designation, this may be overruled on appeal. Local councils find it hard to fund oppositions to such appeals on grounds of legal costs. So much for an environmental agenda.

Scales of injustice?

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Colin  Hunt-nickedColin Hunt-nickedEU commissioner Gunther Verheugen recently announced that the UK can go on using imperial measures indefinitely. He added that the tabloid press had misinformed the public by running stories about people having to buy market goods in kilograms rather than pounds. This had led to serious confusion and he said that pounds and ounces were in no way under threat from Brussels and never would be.
The British press claimed this as a victory over the Brussels' bureaucrats yet, in fact, the truth was very different. The UK law implementing EC directive 80/181 remains in force and this was demonstrated by the seizure of two sets of imperial scales belonging to Colin Hunt, one of the original five Metric Martyrs. Two policemen were taken away from their desks to accompany the officials taking the scales. More than 20 other stalls trade in imperial, the system preferred by the local customers. We think it was a case of extreme pique.

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