So what does the name tee2i mean?

Well it's shorthand for the independence index. This blog takes independence seriously. There's no problem, in principle, with a country being part of a confederation or partnership, the UK is part of NATO. But the EU is a failing confederation and our independence was threatened by membership, so we voted to leave. There's also the independence of thought which must, obviously, lead to free speech. The popularity of cancel culture must be challenged. Also politics is more than about leaning left or rightward on any issue, it's far more subtle than that. It's all down to the quality of life so let's aim high. It's our right to do so.

What shall we do?

Goodbye Belgium?

An unstoppable force ?An unstoppable force ?

What shall we do with the drunken sailor? is the opening line of perhaps the most well known sea shanty of all. What shall we do with an unwanted country? is not a long-lost verse of this shanty recently found by a ferreting musicologist-cum-folksong fanatic, but is my question to you; and the country in question is Belgium. These things have a sort of connection, in so far as the music for the shanty was written down in 1825, the Belgian Revolution establishing that country, using bits of Holland and France, was in 1830, and the words for the shanty were first heard in 1891. Some of us are dreamers, and so it could just be that, to keep their spirits up during the revolution, someone did hum the music.Then again, by the mid 1890s perhaps the whole song was popular in the coastal taverns of Belgium - could be.

Children in real need

Archived Stop Press article

  Hi, and get real! Hi, and get real!

As we all know trying to name a pet can be risky, for example when the BBC programme Blue Peter had a few problems choosing a name for a cat. However, the travails of the producers of this programme are not on the same scale as those of British teacher, Gillian Gibbons, who is now in jail in the Sudan. Her crime is all tied up with a teddy bear, this came to the school with a pupil. And as part of a lesson the pupils had to choose a name for the toy, they chose Muhammad. It is said that after a while there were objections, and now Gibbons could face a jail term or 40 lashes for insulting the prophet. While I admire her desire to 'help', you do wonder if anything can be done to help people with that mindset.

The truth will out

Archived Stop Press article

Soviet Gulag Soviet GulagThe next debate at the Oxford Union is between Frances Bill of the New Rationalist Party and Vladbiew Zablic author of a new book on the Gulag called 'White Fear'. The subject is: 'The Gulag - not many died.' And, much as you would expect, there are not many tickets left.

The battle for Ladywood

Birmingham City CouncilBirmingham City Council Claire Short the ex-Labour, now Independent, MP for Ladywood, Birmingham is to stand down at the next election and the fight is now on for her successor in one of the safest Parliamentary seats in the city. The Labour constituency association has already banned all men from standing and now says it wants a black or Asian woman to stand. Evidently the party executive has expressed such a preference. The preferred candidate is one Yvonne Mosquito a Labour councillor. She has still to pay her election expenses of £600 for the May elections so is not too popular at present. But then, care with other people's money seems to be a problem for Councillor Mosquito.


NO2IDNO2IDCrikey! What larks. Did an official at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs send out the data on 15 million child benefit claimants on unencrypted CDs as a joke? I think I would prefer this scenario. To think it was done in good faith means that the politicians have put in place bureaucrats who are on the same wavelength but haven't a clue about the real world. I heard an official say that there had been no 'Health and Safety assessment' done before the discs were sent. Words fail me.

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