So what does the name tee2i mean?

Well it's shorthand for the independence index. This blog takes independence seriously. There's no problem, in principle, with a country being part of a confederation or partnership, the UK is part of NATO. But the EU is a failing confederation and our independence was threatened by membership, so we voted to leave. There's also the independence of thought which must, obviously, lead to free speech. The popularity of cancel culture must be challenged. Also politics is more than about leaning left or rightward on any issue, it's far more subtle than that. It's all down to the quality of life so let's aim high. It's our right to do so.

Brian Sewell condemns eco-warrior

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undamaged paintingundamaged painting

The highly acclaimed masterpiece Wind of Opportunity has been vandalised. A self-proclaimed eco-terrorist rushed up to the painting and slashed it with a bread knife at the Black Prism Gallery, London, SW1. The work was priced at £750,000. The reclusive artist Giles Singer had been exhibiting his two most recent paintings to critical acclaim. Wind of Opportunity, a trenchant critique of the wind farm industry, caused controversy when it was discovered to be commissioned by the Fair Oil Corporation, a subsidiary of Lutheran Coal Inc. which lobbies against unfair subsidies for electricity generation. Further uproar was caused when it was discovered that Lutheran Coal Inc. also mines open cast coal in Kazakhstan. Despite this the modern masterpiece has been dubbed an elegiac symphony manqué. The naïve rolling landscape represents the lack of a level playing field amongst energy generating industries and the graffiti wall symbolises the rape of the countryside. Brian Sewell was said to be distraught as he had his eye on this rising star. Giles Singer was unavailable for comment yesterday, pleading stress.

Spend, spend, spend and save the environment

Never Neverland


Prisoners deprived of sleep may give in and say what their tormentors want to hear. Bali has a similar resonance; sleep deprived delegates burst into tears and agree to anything to get a result. Thus, we have the extremely large carbon footprint that was the Bali summit and the decision to have more talks. One of the louder voices regarding carbon dioxide emissions has been that of Gordon Brown yet it is interesting that carbon emissions under New Labour have actually risen by 2%. Statistics in the modern world are a little like Humpty Dumpty's words, namely that they are what someone chooses them to mean. Wheat and corn prices are rocketing because the West has targets for increased use of biofuels so that more green boxes can be ticked. 12% of global arable croplands are estimated to be taken for biofuels within 12 years according to Credit Suisse, yet we are 'making poverty history'. New Labour claims the moral highpoint for reducing carbon levels yet pushes for the third runway at Heathrow, hasn't a clue as to population projections and has allowed the amount of home food production to decline dramatically.

Damian Hurst's formaldehyde fury

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the lost workthe lost work

One of the four works of art donated to the Tate by Damien Hurst has been destroyed. Health and safety officials were alerted to EU directive 91/338 which bans hazardous substances including formaldehyde. Five officials in bio-hazard suits entered the Tate and seized 'Mother and Child Divided' - a sliced cow and calf pickled in formaldehyde. The multi-million pound work was subsequently safely disposed of according to hazardous waste procedures. The director of the Tate, Nicholas Serota, is said to be distraught and suffering from shock. He has stated that this will cost the Tate and the wider economy vast sums of money from lost tourism revenues. Damien Hurst was said to be mystified and puzzled because he had been of the opinion that it was only totalitarian regimes that interfered with art. He said that he was going to sue the EU, then he laughed and said that even if he succeeded the European Council would probably overrule the decision as they had done with the PMOI People's Mujahideen of Iran.

Drugging British children

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let them playlet them play

It is far more difficult to come off prescription drugs such as Valium than heroin. The former may take months if not years , the other several days of 'cold turkey'. We are now addicting hundreds of thousands of our children to prescription drugs. Ritalin used to be the wonder drug for children allegedly suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I have often been told by medical professionals in the past that Ritalin had absolutely no side effects and that it was totally safe. It is strange that prescriptions for Ritalin have slumped from over 160,000 in 2001 to about 21,000 in 2006; evidently side effects include: depression, drowsiness, epilepsy and high blood pressure. Now new drugs to treat this condition are being prescribed, over 400,000 prescriptions in 2006. These new drugs also contain methylphenidate hydrochloride as does Ritalin. Millions of American boys have been weaned on this drug; we are going the same way. In passing, the diagnosis of ADHD can enable parents to claim up to £10,000 in benefits a year. Also in passing, the government's Children's plan, which was to cost £1 billion, seems to have disappeared from their website and I was going to link to it!

The EU as a parallel universe

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alternative EUalternative EU

Today, the 13th December 2007, 27 heads of government signed the Lisbon Treaty which will make the European Union into a single legal entity; the greatest change to our governance that there has ever been. Our sub-Prime Minister got there late and signed on his own. He had realised that he had a prior engagement at the Commons' Liaison Committee. I wonder how long this little meeting clash has been in the planning. He and President Barroso probably thought the stupid Brits and their media would be fooled into thinking that this hinted at a certain 'froideur' towards the Constitution/treaty. (The BBC seems to have fallen in with the game.) On the New Labour website we have the Children's Plan but not a word about the Constitution/treaty.
Mr.Hague has criticised the PM's rudeness at not being at the Lisbon ceremony , for signing away our democracy and that's about it. There's a brief comment on the Conservative's website and at the bottom of a list of policies is the claim that the conservatives support a referendum. Prisoners being released a couple of weeks early is their main priority.
The Liberal Democrats are totally for the federal EU yet the headline news on their website on this historic day is ' Lone Parent targets'. No mention of the Constitution/treaty and not even a squeak about the EU.

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