Comedy, politics and St Paul's

Would Jesus have approved of the Greek bail-out?

Two ClericsTwo Clerics
They thought it was all over. The photographs from the EU summit on the euro crisis told it all. Puffy eyed and puffed up at their 'success' the EU elite posed for the camera. However, as expected, Nicholas Sarkozy got the best shot with his theatrical snub of David Cameron who, if he had any sense at all, must now wonder at the merit of sharing aircraft carriers with the French. The EU leaders enjoyed it, they may even have thought this moment would last forever. But no, for the EU elite has only touched the symptoms, the cure for the ills of the single currency are beyond their grasp and understanding. That is done by splitting up the eurozone, this they cannot contemplate for they are no more than Witch Doctors.

By contrast, for another group of stupid people it's already over but they have failed to spot this. The people involved with the protest camp at St Paul's Cathedral, both sides that is, seem unaware this sort of thing is now so dated that even the resignation of two of the clerical staff won't warm it it up to a palatable level. As the EU folk get more publicity than is good for them we will start with the Cathedral people. But there are similarities between the two groups; the EU should never had invited Greece to join the EU let alone the single currency, also the staff of St Paul's should never had allowed, by invitation and support, the protest camp onto their patch. For that is what they did. Perhaps they thought that they would look trendy, vital and relevant by doing this.
The anti-something camp The anti-something camp
But the fact is, climate camp, this camp, that camp or any camp as a form of protest is dated. Hence this shows how out of touch the organisers of the protest are. Newspapers carried pictures of the protesters queuing up outside Starbucks to get their fix of fast food. Starbucks! The very pinnacle of coffee and capitalism, just how stupid are these people? Then there was the fact that most of the protesters go home at night leaving their tents and other detritus behind to be looked after by the police, who looked more than happy to be earning a crust supervising such a thing. The serried ranks of portable toilets have also caught the imagination, who pays for those? Fancy in the middle of the greatest downturn that most of the participants have ever known, the anti-capitalists had fast food, that blue liquid dispensed by pulling a handle and then just before it gets dark and cold, they go home to a warm bed. All a bit different to the Russian revolution!

But whatever the protesters stood for they have been swept aside by the sight of the Canon Chancellor of the cathedral, the Rev Dr Giles Fraser and the Dean of St Paul’s the Rt Rev Graeme Knowles' resignations. So even if you are young and 'passionate' about something two strange men with impressive titles win the day! But is this important? Yes it is. This is the Church of England, the same people who dress up to do royal weddings, sit in the House of Lords, things like that. The same people who 'speak out' on any issue that suits them, who always have a fatherly rebuke for people who fall short of high standards but at the same time fail to run their own affairs well, It all looks like a poor comedy. Barchester Towers this is not, Anthony Trollope would have been ashamed of this plot.

So, the protesters upstaged by two clerics; a bit like the other comedy, Angela Merkel and Sarkozy upstaged by George Papandreou. Fancy the Greek premier being so daft as to think the economic situation in his ruined country warranted a little democracy to sort things out. Mind you, this being the EU whatever the Greek people voted for, the EU could demand they voted again if the result did not fit with the grand plan. On the other hand credit where credit is due, both the Canon Chancellor and the Dean of St Paul's did the honourable thing and resigned. You will wait a long time to see such a thing happen to one of the politicos making fools of themselves over the euro.