On the rampage

Non-important people collide with reality.

4 legs meets 4WD4 legs meets 4WD

Elephants are on the rampage in India. It is thought they do this because they are under stress of some sort, usually they are immature elephants and they can be very disruptive. On the rampage - this leads us to the Archbishop of Canterbury and Ed Balls. If there was a Silly Man of the Year competition the AoC would do well. Christine Odone writes of how the AoC was under stress at the time of the debate on gay priests, saying of the AoC-

thoughtful, warm and wise, a good man severely tested by the schism over homosexual priests that risked splitting the Anglican Communion. He could not bear to see the pain and venom that had been unleashed by that row: surely, he told me, eyes welling, "God’s community was inclusive and all-embracing"?

Surely, if the dear boy did not see this row coming then he is both immature and a fool? We have posted about this man before. You may wonder if he acts this way to draw attention to himself? He looks like a giant cotton bud with bifocals, has eyebrows that could work as a radio antenna and is the man for whom the word Bishopric was invented. It describes him wonderfully. We have posted on the idiocy of the AoC before HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE .

Onto Ed Balls. It's not clear whether Balls could grow up if he tried. He looks like an undesirable sort from the Billy Bunter era. His latest jolly jape is to pretend he did not want to get rid of Tony Blair. This story is being trickled out via a series of emails and documents that have been given to the Daily Telegraph. How stupid is a claim like that? If he said the opposite, claimed that he was always working to get rid of Blair, he would stand a chance to become the nation's favourite fat boy. The idea that Balls and Gordon Brown sat happily waiting for the Blair bandwagon to run out of puff and their turn at the front to begin is ridiculous. After all Blair did the wars, invaded far-away countries, that sort of thing and Balls and Brown ruined the UK economy but saved the world. We all know that, what's the problem in saying so? More on Ed Balls, HERE and HERE .

But my favourite rampaging twerp of the last few days is Sandi Toksvig. Julie Birchill has looked into this and of Toksvig concludes she is -

The only Danish export I can't stand seems to worm her way deeper into the fabric of British life every day. Her stupid, harrumphing, daft-old-Colonel voice pollutes the airways, a vile reminder of class privilege that no actual Briton would dare pull these days. Her lame gags litter BBC radio like particularly sticky and tiresome chewing gum on a pavement – turn on Radio 4 for five minutes and you're guaranteed to step in one.

Toksvig has no comedic value whatsoever, thus is, according to the the BBC, a comic genius and as Birchill observes a regular feature of the airwaves. This is in itself funny so perhaps the BBC are playing a very complicated thing here, a joke within a joke or to be pedantic a non-joke played as a joke. She thinks she is so clever but on a Radio 4 programme was made to look a fool when, out of her depth, she took on the seriously talented Garrison Keillor and lost. As Birchill says Toksvig is on the radio a lot, but funny how it goes, the Keillor interview is not. Mind you Birchill is a bit of a laugh herself - see HERE .

Footnote -
The picture above shows an elephant charging a 4WD vehicle, I bet you wish you could do that, that would keep them from parking on the pavement! Mind you note the tranquiliser dart sticking out of its side, that might not be so good.