A tale of two men

Why not Brian Hunter for the IMF top job?

Brian Hunter, head of IMF? Brian Hunter, head of IMF?
It's alright for some people. We see that Brian Hunter has been fined £18 million for his part in the collapse of a hedge fund. Mind you it's hard to feel sorry for either hedge funds of the people who work for them! The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission who imposed the fine would have us see Hunter as manipulative in nature. It is also reported that his actions cost his company about £4 billion and so it went bankrupt.

Well we also see that Gordon Brown has cost the UK a similar sum. This occurred between 1999 and 2002 when as Chancellor Brown sold off some of the UK's gold reserves. But Brown was not only a manipulator but a devious thug too. As we see that Brown and the Treasury repeatedly refused to disclose information about the gold sale amid allegations that warnings were ignored.
Expensive idiotExpensive idiot

Following a series of freedom of information requests from The Daily Telegraph over the past four years, the Information Commissioner has ordered the Treasury to release some details. The Treasury must publish the information demanded within 35 calendar days – by the end of April.

This was by April 2010 and we are still waiting. Recently Brown has been touted as an ideal head of the IMF. He is still courted by a strange mix of the thick and stupid. The trouble is these are the people who handle our money. Why not Brian Hunter as head of the IMF?