The no fly zone meets the no oil problem

Merkel the mouth, again!

Merkel quick to moan, slow to helpMerkel quick to moan, slow to help
Oh how funny! Also typically hypocritical. About a fortnight ago Angela Merkel, the Guardian told us, had been angry -

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has sternly rebuked the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, in an unusually fractious telephone call, according to media reports.

So what was his crime? Well in Merkel's eyes he had failed to advance peace in the Middle East. Merkel is getting into a habit with this 'high horse' stuff. We may wonder whether it is just for domestic consumption or she thinks strutting the world stage is her natural habitat. Also -
Despot spots his favourite girl! Despot spots his favourite girl!

The Israeli prime minister telephoned Merkel to say he was disappointed that Germany had voted for a UN security council resolution condemning settlements that was vetoed by the US. According to a German official quoted by Haaretz (the Israeli daily newspaper), Merkel was furious. "How dare you?" she said. "You are the one who has disappointed us. You haven't made a single step to advance peace."

So two weeks later the EU is in a quandary about the problems in Libya. Is it no fly zone or no no fly zone, that is the question! But this time it is Merkel who is holding things up. It is she who has not made a single step towards supporting the rebels in the east of Libya, apart from fatuous remarks and the odd phone call to Barack Obama. I wonder if Netanyahu gave her a call and read the riot act! Probably not, he would do well not to waste his time as Germany needs Libyan oil to keep its industries going. Merkel should learn to shut up!