Regime change, home and away

Cameron, Islamic extremism, Egypt and more;what a muddle!

Just another  demonstration in LondonJust another demonstration in London
I was told by a committed Marxist that autumn was the best time to start a revolution, the proof here being the Russian revolution, generally given as starting on the 25th of October 1917. Well times have changed, Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt have all decided to go now. Looking at Egypt reminds us of the invasion of Iraq. On the one hand most people in the UK wanted a 'better Iraq', on the other hand the problem was that we did not know what better was. It's clear that a lot of the MSM is floundering and they do not understand the complexities. Some of the organisations involved in these uprisings have had either a formal link to the UK or have been in the shadows. In both cases they would have been the reason Melanie Phillips wrote Londinistan.

It was this book, published in 2006, that explained the muddled political thinking behind allowing such people to set up shop in London. From the highest level in the Government down to the police and local authorities and through many layers of public servants on the way this muddle allowed some very nasty people to do as they pleased. The muddle was founded on multiculturalism, the opium of the civil network. If there ever was a need for a 'war on drugs' then multiculturalism should have been the target. It has ruined public services and servants alike, who in turn have ruined the lives of others. And while all this was going on the anti-semitism of the political groups tucked into London life flourished. Eventually it became quite normal for the left to shift from a pro-Palestine to an anti-Israel then anti-Semitic stance. Hence Phillips, who studied these groups, came to regard them as a threat. Her views are HERE- HERE-HEREand HERE.

It is perhaps unfortunate timing for David Cameron to make his speech now about Islamic extremism. As this is the very force feared by Egyptian moderates. Also unfortunate is that Cameron made the speech in Germany. It would have looked a lot better from a PR point of view to have made it in the UK because Angela Merkel made a similar speech not so long ago about the downside of multiculturalism. This does look like a case of 'me too' and will raise alarm bells in the minds Cameron's many critics. They will be looking for the EU dimension behind this. Has Cameron given yet more of our liberty away so as to look good on the podium in Germany today? The final point on Islamic extremism is that both Merkel and Cameron are fresh to the task. Supporters of Hosni Mubarak would say he has been fighting this on behalf of other people for over thirty years.

However, it would be wrong to make fun only of Cameron. According to Phillips, Obama is also not aware of the fine detail behind the uprising in Egypt (link above). Obviously if the Egyptians want a new government they should have one but this does raise the question as to why did the US and the UK show no dissatisfaction with Hosni Mubarak before now? Cameron has often described himself as "heir to Blair". It was Blair who thought he could cozy up to the Franco-German relationship and play an important role. What a fool! This relationship has always and will always be a duo and never a trio. This is why Cameron is being watched by the anti-EU section of his own party who are running out of patience with the man.

Blair also liked to go on about "regime change". His arrogance was such that he always assumed it was something that happened to others and 'over there'. Well Cameron has tried to promote his own version of regime change via the Big Society. It's in trouble before it has got going; not only is it viewed with suspicion by those on the political right but on the left too. With the latter it's understandable, as the natural supporters of the big state would have also been content with multiculturalism. But why the former are so suspicious and why Cameron does not see this as important is interesting. We may assume they have no confidence it will work, that they will be called upon to dig deep, do more and get less. They have every right to be worried this is the way it will go. Also Cameron should say how he thinks small government and the 'Big Society'can flourish inside a big political convention. If he wants, as part of the Big Society, the people of the UK to have more power then he should stop giving away powers to the EU.

And you never know, perhaps Mubarak tried his version of the big society too and it failed for him!