Prejudice, if we all have it does that make it normal?

Are political skills in decline as activism and tokenism take over?

The Segway, a bright new future? The Segway, a bright new future?
Prejudice consists of things we like and things we don't such as: the Segway, gay B&B goings on and Baroness Warsi. What a nightmare! A minefield of madness with the overbearing stench of political correctness thrown in for good measure. We start with the Segway That's right the super-geek's mobility scooter. The transport of choice of that 'going nowhere man' Lembit Opik. It has been formally banned from roads and pavements in the UK by District Judge Michael Rosenber. Several people I know whooped for joy upon reading that!

It's not just the perennial attachment of Sparebit Opik that has done for the image of these things, it's more. What is it for? It appears to serve no useful purpose being a latter day, and upright, incarnation of the Sinclair C5. This, for those of you who cannot remember, was a horizontal attempt at the same thing; transport for fools. It had a battery, so was declared Green. Even in 1985 this was an ace, so was played to win by people who thought they had seen the future. But other than to warm the hearts of the "look at me" types it did nothing sales wise and was a commercial failure. Perhaps the Segway will follow?
The inventor waves goodbye!The inventor waves goodbye!
Obviously true eco-types, along with the simply plain sensible would walk or cycle and would see the Segway's limitations. For example, what do you do when the battery runs flat, come home in a taxi? So when Judge Rosenber gave his verdict in Yorkshire how did Opik, who turned up to 'support' Phillip Coates, get home? Coates was fined £75 by Rosenber for illegal use of a Segway and we may wonder how much it cost Opik to get from his home to the court and back again and did he travel by car? But the upshot of this is no sympathy for the Segway rider. The case for them seems to have collapsed. Going back to the Sinclair C5 there was a degree of sympathy for these things, until the truth dawned. It was a sort of David and Goliath thing. The C5 was cast in the role of David and the world looked fondly on. But this mood has gone now, its all backfired on the Segway. And not just in the UK, see HERE

The same could be said, namely that its all backfired, of the gay couple who have, via an entrapment, made themselves £1,800 each. The case revolved around a seaside hotel that refused the happy couple a room because they were not married. After plodding through umpteen news' reports it's clear that the hotel owners, devout Christians, have tremendous support. Going back twenty years the gay cause was on a roll. So the question is, who to blame for the reversal of fortunes? The answer is clear, the gay cause has run its course we now feel sorry for Christians.
Not activists, Hotel ownersNot activists, Hotel owners
The fine detail here is that the hotel website made its position, on who it would let rooms to, clear. In response to this gay activists sent an email warning them their policy was illegal. They then phoned and booked a room. Subsequently the whole matter goes to court. The gay couple said -

When we booked this hotel we just wanted to do something that thousands of other couples do every weekend - take a relaxing weekend break away.

Simple minded folk might wonder just how relaxing a break it would be in a place where they were not welcome. They might also have noticed that the Christian edict, 'turn the other cheek' did not apply here. They did not move on and book into another hotel. It was explained that the hotel owners -

did not allow civil partners Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy to use a double room in their Cornwall B&B because it would be "an affront to their faith".

Note how by not allowing 'civil partners' the hotel is excluding a vast number of potential customers. A huge number of people, some heterosexual, just live together, the legality of civil partnerships is not for them and they too would have been excluded. But also note who got in here first, went to court and trousered the cash. It's a lesson on how to make yourself unpopular!

Onto Baroness Warsi. The Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election seems to have caused troubles for the Conservatives far beyond the obvious one, their support was down 14%.

Warsi has taken up the cudgels with a section of the Tory party she has described as "the right wing,"
but the pivotal thing here is that Warsi is a Muslim. This is, along with the green agenda and gay rights a racing certainty, this is bankable. Emboldened by this Warsi has trotted out that weasel word, Islamophobia. This charge like racism, death and taxes is impossible to avoid. Also for those who would read patterns in tea leaves or the lines on the palm of a hand the 'evidence' is everywhere to see. Warsi has made a speech in which she claims that Islamophobia has passed the 'dinner party test'. By this she means -

that bigotry against Muslims ‘has seeped into our society to an extent where it acceptable around dinner tables to have these conversations where anti-Muslim bigotry and hatred is quite openly discussed’

Here is a classic trap into which Warsi has fallen; what is not defined is when dislike becomes bigotry. For example some people may loathe the Scottish bagpipes or country and western music. So at what point does this mere opinion become anti-social and dangerous, at what point do they become sworn enemies of Scotland and the USA? Warsi does not say were she thinks the boundary lies, so is she confusing being disliked as opposed to something else? Her administration skills have done the Tory party no favours while her political skills are obviously lamentable, hence the mess she now finds herself in.

No minority in the UK has had so much come its way as the Muslims. The 'reaching out' is clear for all to see; do those UK citizens of Chinese stock get the same considerations? Fashions come and go. There was a time when we had the professional Yorkshire man, Michael Parkinson of TV show host fame for example, and Benny Green, the jazz musician, was the professional Londoner. The media loved them but for the rest of the population, saturation point was soon reached. Now we have the professional Muslim. Warsi, the daughter of a millionaire, freely entered into this role so if we end up, sooner rather than later, being bored by her carping she blames herself not us.

Footnote -
Warsi is a gift to the MSM for the odd soundbite or two here she is on UK schools and homosexuality. She entitled to her opinions as others are to theirs! While journalist Martin Bright has written: -

I have my doubts about Sayeeda Warsi's record on radical Islam and homosexuality