The news, all that's fit to print; if we can be bothered

The MSM - it's both what they write and what they leave out

All about it?All about it?
As far as real news is concerned we are at this time of year in the doldrums. So it's lucky for the MSM that Elton John and David Furnish have become both mothers and fathers, simultaneously, for the trifling sum of $19000. It's news like this that gets us all going eh? Obviously news-space has been limited so some stories have been truncated. Thus the London Evening Standard has a story with the title -

December was coldest in 120 years

We get the facts, and if you will pardon a pun, just the cold facts. At no point in the story is there a sermon on climate change or global warming. So what's going on then, is the MSM dropping the mantra? Perhaps they think we can work it out for ourselves, namely the whole thing was a con and we will no longer take the lecture? So this leaves the question why did they go on and on about it for so long? And you thought the MSM gave you the 'facts'!

We also have the Telegraph with a story on the end of ID cards -

The ID card scheme was symbolic of the last administration's obsession with control and nannying

This too is an article heavy on opinion and quite well supplied with facts. The omission here is there is not one mention of the EU. This is important, but first an overview.

The MSM is astonishingly lazy, we may forgive them this trait as the public is too. Typically the former do not, as in old movies and novels, go looking for stories. That is a very unusual way of working as, with some noble exceptions, they simply wait for the press release to turn up. This is then regurgitated and the same news item, and accompanying image, is often published across the entire UK media from the political left to right. The laziness of the public is clear as they can see this but accept it.

So the first story, the harsh winter that has defied the 'experts'. In the recent past we have been told by climate experts that in the UK snow will be unknown and children will grow up unaware of what it is. So began the great global warming/climate change scam. It was easy, far too easy, for the promoters of global warming and climate change to get their 'message', into print without challenge. The 'scientists' who pushed forward these stories were never properly challenged by the MSM. It was far too easy for the whole myth of climate change to become 'accepted' wisdom by virtue of repetition. Not so long ago the 'climategate' scandal showed up the world of science for what it is, corrupt. The MSM then swung into action to report this, no doubt to the annoyance of the lobbyists and their paymasters who had, up till then, had the MSM in their pockets.

It's the same with the story of the death of ID cards. Space is always at a premium in the MSM so a lot has been left out. -

The ID card scheme was symbolic of the last administration's obsession with control and nannying. It was put up as a panacea, capable of preventing everything from benefit fraud and illegal immigration to terrorism and organised crime. Yet ID cards would have done no such thing. They represented – as Damian Green, the immigration minister, said – the worst of government: intrusive, bullying, ineffective and expensive.

What was also both instructive and symbolic was the thoroughly corrupt way the civil service and other public servants sought to bring this idea into being. These people were not attempting to 'protect the public', far from it. For there was ample evidence, from the start, that the idea would not work. But vast sums of public money were spent even though it could be shown that the ID card scheme was a dream. But for these public servants that did not matter, for they were protecting something far more important than the public, they were protecting their own interests. And do remember that while we have had a change of government, these untrustworthy and expensive people remain in post.

But there is more, for the article has no mention of the EU. The EU plans for data exchange are clear and just as draconian as those proposed by the last government. So yet again it's back to the elephant in the room problem, don't mention the EU! As much as the MSM tends to leave the EU off its list of things worth reporting, so the need to report on this subject grows, and the public, once again, has spotted this. Trusting David Cameron to do the right thing regarding the EU was the position adopted by many voters at the last election. It's an open question as to whether Cameron acting on his own would have lived up to these hopes; working with the Lib Dems the outcome has been a big let-down.

It is possible that soon the MSM will get to grips with what is going on but as with the climate change scam it will take time for the MSM to face up to its own failure here. Again it's all down to laziness. The EU pushes out press releases at a fantastic rate. It's so much easier to simply accept it all at face value and print it. On a personal level it's so tempting to do just this rather than risk blotting one's copy book. For the job of Press Officer in an EU department is very well paid. However, new year and new hopes, perhaps 2011 will see the end of the corrupting influence of 'Environmental' and 'EU' correspondents alike?