The sun, a new dawn?

Experts, wrong again!

Ricket free childrenRicket free children
Older people can remember when the sun and its antics were considered perfectly normal, if it shone this was good. Some took their shirts off, while others dozed. Then the 'experts', and there's never a shortage of those, decreed it was dangerous. So began the era of anti-sun speak; sun hats became not just fashionable but essential for the growing congregation of sun hating zealots. As with many an organisation the indoctrination of children was deemed essential, think Hitler Youth movement. So children had what looked like white paint rubbed over them when on holiday. Far from being the sort deviant fetishistic behaviour that would get your name put on a giant database it was those adults who did not indulge in this practice who faced being dubbed weird. These were the people who had dangerous habits, they were 'deniers', they failed to admit the sun was going to kill us all.

However, it now seems this is the dawn of a new age. We are told by the Telegraph

Sunbathing can be good for you, say health charities

If you read through the article you can see we are back to the age of common sense, alas this comes too late for some -

The change of heart comes as it emerges a large proportion of Britons are at risk from vitamin D deficiency which can lead to a host of health problems. Paranoia about sun exposure has become so great among some parents that doctors are even seeing a return of rickets in children – the bone disease that it was thought died out 80 years ago.

So what do we learn from all this and what is relevant today? Well today the sun is not shining and we have had over 10 hours of snowfall, the UK is slithering to a halt and people are suffering from the effects of the extreme cold. The nation is on the edge of another disaster, yet again 'experts' are behind it all and are helped by the same sort of zealots who were the useful idiots as before. The warmists are convinced that climate change is about to kill us all so the way of life, the very economic base of the developed world, must be ruined so as to 'save' us from our fate. As much as the experts were 'right' last time, so they think they are now. And, as before, if you question them you are a denier.

Footnote -
The picture above is taken from the Telegraph and is too indicative of a change in attitude. Have we passed through the age of thinking that photographs of children are proof of deviant tendencies? After all the police have questioned parents who took photos of their own children at school nativity plays. And even if such images were printed the faces of the children were digitally fuzzed. Such paranoia!