Winter, a test failed?

Would global warming help?

Snow and football, what could be better? Snow and football, what could be better?
So two out of five people cannot get to work because of the snow but the students in London seem to be made of sterner stuff and are still holding demonstrations, is this praiseworthy or what? Once again it gets cold, as it tends to at this time of year, the white stuff falls from the sky and the nation goes into shock. They do say the army will have to help sort things out, that's a laugh. In a country like Pakistan the army takes a turn now-and-then when democracy, such as it is, fails to do the job expected of it. But of course it's different here isn't it? We are so superior, our democracy, such as it is, our coalition government, will have an inquiry into what went wrong. Cynics will say they had one last year so why bother? Or perhaps wait another year till it happens again and pretend there's nothing wrong. While super-cynics will say that such is our democracy, why not just wait till the EU issues snow and winter directives then comply with these?

But it's all very well fretting about the weather, or football for that matter. The MSM took the fact that the UK lost the bid to run the 2018 World Cup badly. However, if you delve a little deeper you will see that a significant number of the public either could not care or were even relieved the bid failed. This harks back to the more-heat-than-light reaction of the MSM to the successful Olympic bid. What the MSM could not see was that many Londoners were underwhelmed by it all, and remain so. The Olympic Games are in essence supported by a woefully corrupt organisation, just like world football. This was posted over two years ago and still sums up our attitude. As the typical family strives to cope with the new wave of austerity it will be interesting to follow public attitudes to the 2012 games.

So there it is, a country that fails again to deal with the snow and a MSM obsessed with a spectacle not as popular as assumed. While this occupies our time the EU lurches towards another crisis, so more on that later.

Footnote Keen to know what civil servants do with their time and your money, when they can get into work? Well they write reports, see HERE for the report on last years winter.