Old tricks and dirty tricks?

Democracy in action?

On the campaign trail?On the campaign trail?
Watching the Labour leadership battle was a strain, it went on far too long. The tedium numbed many a person's brain and so skewed their judgement. Common sense, not always on show with anything to do with Labour, favoured the Miliband bothers, the rest were make-weights. Before the ballot it was wise to say David Miliband was likely to win, which this blog did. For this would have been the sensible thing to happen but common sense versus Charlie Whelan is not a fair fight so the younger fella got it. During the hustings as the months rolled by the other big battle, Ken Livingstone versus the rest, was being played out to a London only audience. Whoever won the leadership battle would have to come to terms with Livingstone. For he was always an odds-on favourite to win the nomination and to do so 'on his own'.

Livingstone does not need the likes of Whelan, he has his own crowd and power base. Had David Miliband won then keeping Livingstone in check would have been awkward but not impossible. But with the goofy one, Ed Miliband, you do wonder if it will be so easy. Much as to be expected Livingstone has started playing up never afraid of trouble he's already decided the party rules don't apply to him. Neither is he afraid of linking up with 'interesting characters, including Islamic extremists. Livingstone has decided to 'help' Lutfur Rahman in his quest to be Mayor of Tower Hamlets, however,

Mr Rahman was sacked by Labour last month as its candidate amid allegations about his links with a Muslim extremist group and concerns over the eligibility of participating voters.

Let's be generous here and say the both Livingstone and Rahman are the sort of people who are unlucky in life, they are always on the end of some allegation or other, like helping the political opposition to Labour. For example -

The Labour party's rules state that “a member of the party who supports any candidate who stands against an official Labour candidate shall automatically be ineligible to be, or remain, a party member." Mr Livingstone, who was filmed campaigning alongside Mr Rahman yesterday, said the party had made an error by deselecting him.

Again like Livingstone Rahman has been the subject of a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation and comes under the watchful eye of Andrew Gilligan, who said -

Lutfur Rahman: undeclared donations, criminal offences? - As we reported earlier this month, Mr Rahman has personally signed up entire families as sham “paper” members of the Labour Party to act as his personal “vote bank.” We found and filmed a number of these members, some of whom told us that they do not even support the party. Some of these members say that Mr Rahman also paid their subscriptions. Further sham addresses have been identified. It has also emerged that a number – potentially dozens – of those who voted in the selection contest do not in fact live in Tower Hamlets and were thus not eligible to vote. One of Mr Rahman’s key supporters and organisers claims to be living in a single room in a shared house in Tower Hamlets. He is in fact married and lives with his wife in a suburban house in another borough.

When the Labour leadership battle was going on Alan Johnson suggested that David Miliband was a bit special, the one to vote for. Well that did not help and the ordinary one, Ed Miliband, got the job. But that did not deter Johnson from working for him. With help like that Ed Miliband will struggle to sort out yet another Labour crisis caused by Livingstone. When giving his acceptance speech Ed Miliband seemed to suggest he wanted the bad part of Labour to be consigned to the past. Well here's an opportunity to show us what you mean.