Listen to the things our Prime Minister says

And the difference between a prison and a trap is?

One can, one can'tOne can, one can't
Does our PM need help and advice with his PR? It is a well know fact that before leading this nation to the sunny uplands David Cameron worked in public relations. Mind you that was a long time ago, has he lost his touch? The question arises as the PM and his deputy have jointly written to the cabinet before it goes off on its summer break - "Dear colleague".... it starts. It's the letter a boss sends to his 'team', designed to both thank and buck-them-up. There's plenty to rake over but one line sticks out -

Our government’s purpose is to make two major shifts in our political and national life: The first is a radical redistribution of power from government to communities and people, to reverse decades of over-centralisation.

When in opposition and referring to the EU the Tory party, of which Cameron just happens to be the leader, made it clear that the flow of power from the UK to the EU was a matter of concern, this was to be reviewed. The impression given was that, once in elected to office, this would stop, "we will not let matters rest", was the phrase used. Yet with the coalition installed the trend continues. If there is a wish to end over-centralisation it doesn't show yet. After all if the EU is not all about the centralising of power what is it?

Then there was the case of Cameron calling Gaza a prison, this was on his trip to America. Obviously the PR aim here was to be seen doing the things Gordon Brown could not manage. The American writer Irwin Stelzer said that his fellow countrymen were impressed by Cameron, so was he, up to a point. Stelzer noted -

Faced with a specific question about his attitude towards Israel, the Prime Minister gave the usual answer about a two-state solution, the need for negotiations, etc. A few days later, before a Muslim rather than an American audience, he decided that Gaza is a prison, without mentioning that Hamas is the jailer, and that there are few prisons in which the inmates launch rockets at neighbouring countries.

The Cameron watchers based in the UK also spotted that and either nodded in approval or went ballistic, whatever suited them, for they wrote up only one side, one speech. Few people however, unlike Stelzer, saw Cameron's comments for what they were. It was a cheap trick, the sort of thing Tony Blair did all the time.

If you add in the remark about the UK being "the junior partner" in the US/UK relationship and the fact Cameron seems not to know key dates in the timescale of the Second World War it was, perhaps, not much better than Brown's trip disaster-wise.

For if Gaza is a prison then is the EU a trap, what about 'acquis communautaire'? We can't imagine Cameron speaking out about the EU and pointing this out can we? For it's on this sort of detail that the general public makes up its mind about a PM. Remember Blair was popular once then, due to being all things to all people, his popularity fell like a stone.

And when it comes to bumbling Cameron has done it again, this time claiming "Iran has a nuclear weapon Boris Johnson does it, bumbling, all the time, but gets away with it. There's the difference.