We've been here before?

Weasel words again

Not very fierce?Not very fierce?

Let us just get some of the excellent legislation passed such as: the scrapping of ID cards, the NIR, ContactPoint, the rolling back of DNA retention and terrorism powers and then it would be sensible to have another election.

Mr Cameron began by talking in clear sentences but is now beginning to equivocate and sound like Gordon Brown. He says that we shall withdraw from Afghanistan when we have trained enough Afghan police and soldiers: "We must continue to work with the Afghan army to create a stable Afghanistan able to maintain its own security and to prevent al-Qaida from returning."

Studies show that only a small proportion of the Afghan army and police are well trained and reliable, also where are the Pashtun soldiers and police in Helmund? The number of recruits from among ethnic Pashtuns in southern provinces, where the Taliban insurgency is fiercest, remains only 2-3 percent of the total. See here.

Tribes hated by the Pashtun - Tajiks and the despised Shia Hazaras predominate in the Afghan National Army and the police.

We are arming and encouraging another civil war between the Pashtuns and a Tajik-led alliance of ethnic groups. Some estimate that the Afghan National Army is now over 60% Tajik and that this figure is increasing. The Pashtun figure is hovering below 20%, down from 30% in October 2009,see here, and may have been overtaken by the Uzbeks.

In other words the "Afghan National Army" is just the Northern Alliance in very expensive NATO provided uniforms.... see here. ......except that, as many of the experienced soldiers from the Northern Alliance were disarmed, the army is not very good. Interestingly most of the senior military personnel are former leaders of the Alliance.

Cameron knows this but delivers anodyne statements as did Brown.

In addition, admirable as the moves to restore our civil liberties are – Cameron and Hague do seem to be 'letting matters rest'. Unsurprisingly there's no mention of the EU in the 'Freedom Bill. Mr Cameron has two weeks to decide whether to opt out of the European Investigation Order (EIO). There seems to have been no mention of this in Parliament whereas there has been discussion about Raoul Moat.

Is the Prime Minister being realistic here in merely dealing with the areas he can easily talk about - leaving the war and the EU, as before, as the two elephants in the room?