It's that airline (British Airways), again

BA humiliate another passenger but this time is forced to payout.

Mirko Fischer Mirko Fischer
Normally if we are told there's a battle involving British Airways it's assumed to be the one of airline versus union. In this battle it's hard to feel sorry for either BA or Unite, neither comes across as a natural underdog deserving our sympathy. Furthermore, even when employer and employees work as one, this combination fails when airline meets volcanic ash cloud, so travel disruption when they fight each other is passed off as more of the same! Hence the story of an individual, Mirko Fischer taking on BA, again when employer and employees work as one, and coming out the winner is good news. The Independent carried the story and the Telegraph gave their report the headline, BA 'made businessman feel like child molester'.

Mirko Fischer ended up sitting next to the boy on the BA flight from London to Luxembourg when he switched seats with his pregnant wife so she could be by the window.

Cabin crew however quickly intervened and told him to return to his original seat as company policy did not allow adult males to sit next to unaccompanied minors - the aviation industry term for children flying without a parent or guardian.

The point of how cabin crew 'quickly intervened' is interesting. Large organisations, BA is typical, seem to develop a level of officiousness that runs all the way through them on occasions. Today BA is described as 'the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom' and in this format it adopts the mania of government. The roots of BA go back to 1974 and a programme of Nationalisation by the then Labour government. It was privatised 1987 but the term flag carrier is apt as it still stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the government of the day. The Fischer case happened in April 2009, at that time Nulabour was relentlessly ploughing ahead with its plan for ID cards and many other intrusive databases, the ContactPoint database for children was just one of many.

Much as Nulabour stoked fears of terrorism then cynically used this heightened state of awareness to get its own way on civil liberty related issues, so the use of children has followed suit.

The incident took place on a flight that Mr Fischer and his wife Stefanie took back home to Luxembourg on April 20th last year.

He said that the incident, which ended with him swapping back to his original seat, had left him feeling"embarrassed, humiliated and angry".

"There were no raised voices but we were in a public place and there were obviously people around us wondering what was happening...

They accuse you of being some kind of child molester just because you are sitting next to someone.

It is no different from stopping men from being allowed to sit next to boys in a public place but where will this stop? Are supermarkets next?

Children need to interact with both men and women."

Children are both a popular currency and a tool so can be used in a cynical fashion. It's no wonder, from the Hitler Youth Movement onwards, people and organisations like BA have behaved this way. They deserve to go bankrupt.

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