Israel and Turkey defend themselves

But guess who is condemned?

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Back HERE we wrote In praise of Fraser Nelson. What Nelson did in that article we linked to, was attempt to re-balance things. Israel, either through bad luck or successful lobbying, always gets a bad press. Only the simple folk are fooled by this, but it is relentless and institutional in nature. Not so long ago Israel decided that, in order to defend itself, it must deal with the 'peace flotilla'. The simple folk got very elated and the principal cheerleader in the condemnation of Israel was Turkey.Now Turkey is the one making the difficult decisions, it's fighting the PKK, see HERE.

PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the "cowardly" assaults would not end Turkey's determination to fight the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) "to the end".

This incident is reported but there is no 'comment', are the simple folk still too exhausted after their anti-Israeli rant to notice or care? Or perhaps this should be their anti-Semitic rant? There is no value in doing a body count but the level of violence in the Turkish response to the PKK is at least as determined as the Israeli response to Hamas.
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Mr Erdogan said his government would not "give in to the spiral of violence" unleashed by the rebels. "Our fight will continue until the terrorist organisation has been annihilated," he said.

That's a bit hawkish don't you think? Also the PKK is officially branded a terrorist organisation by the US and European Union. So no EU aid for the PKK then!

This conflict is not without irony either, from the Independent -

"The United States, which along with the European Union has declared the PKK to be a terrorist group, has provided intelligence to Turkey in support of its fight against the rebels. Turkey also uses drones it recently purchased from Israel.

And to add to the irony we are told by an Arab-American website:

Turkey To Lead Inquiry Into Israel’s Attack On Flotilla

This Arab-American website attempts to present a more rounded picture of what is going on than would be found in the UK based MSM, so fair credit for that then. Also remember that the UK and US can invade Iraq so it's a bit awkward trying to prevent Turkey doing the same thing!

It is a fact that Erdogan is a belligerent man leading a country that enjoys this sort of thing. Turkey cannot work out if it is to cosy up to the EU or be the big thing in its own region. The 'International Community', or band of fools if you prefer, plus the simple folk are still stuck with the idea that the EU would be better off with Turkey as a member. Now that would be funny. If they could join they could watch the whole thing go seriously wrong from the inside, a process started by their old foes the Greeks. Although if they were to join then, just like the Greeks, the membership criteria would have to be fiddled! And this would have to be done against a growing grass roots' resentment about their membership. I suspect they know this and, unlike the countries of the former Soviet bloc, are not planning to send their sons and daughters to plumb jobs in Brussels. Hence we can expect more belligerence and for a while they will get away with this. I suggest they enjoy it while they can.