Independence, the only option

Time to analyse those risky US and EU alliances

Independence is best Independence is best
Two things here: the behaviour of Turkey concerning the 'peace flotilla' and the US President's rhetoric following the oil spill. In the latter case the 'special relationship' between the US and the UK has come under the spotlight and this should be welcomed. In the former it's a bit more complicated. Turkey is seeking a relationship, it wants to join the EU. In both cases the UK should be both analytical and careful.

During WW2 there was no such thing as the political spinner, even so political presentation was important hence the arrival of the term 'special relationship' (SR), generally considered to have been first used by Winston Churchill to describe the close ties between himself and the US administration. It may have suited Churchill to think this way but ever since historians have cast doubt upon the real value to, and consequences flowing from, US policy both during and following WW2. Those times are now so far away it's fanciful to imagine the phrase has any of the original meaning left. So, unless it has acquired a modern meaningful translation, agreed by both the US and the UK, it's misleading.

Hence it's pointless to blame Barack Obama for acting in a way that threatens the SR and equally pointless to expect David Cameron to be mindful of it when he meets the President. Obama, we are told, has it in for the UK because we tortured his grandfather during the Mau Mau uprising, while closer to now than WW2 it's still an improbable reason. If dates are important how about people maimed by weapons bought with money from NORAID? Again this is daft.

Whatever the reasons for Obama's mouth problem it does make it difficult for the UK based liberal/left, who after all hold sway in large sections of the MSM. Tradition has it they loathe the US. But as we have seen with the SP, tradition is a funny old thing, how can they loathe the first black President of the US? It was this loathing that was to promote, as an antidote to strong UK/US relations, a UK/EU instead. So the suggestion that a grand falling out with the US will push us closer to the EU is only a theory.

It was Obama who called up Spanish PM José Zapatero and told him to "do something" about the Spanish debt crisis. Yes the Spanish are in deep trouble but the scale of it comes way behind the problems faced by the US. So the advice from Obama was pure cheek, how should the supporters of the EU deal with that? One can imagine EU/US relations cooled a little subsequently.

And so to Turkey. Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, has described Turkey as having a "quasi-Islamist government". While the regular MSM pretends this is not so Pollard is correct, and he's not a hawk either: Pollard has said of Israel, "its settlements are a standing affront to Justice". Yet not only does Turkey wish to join the EU it courts Iran as does Syria. In terms of terrorism, and in the region there is some stiff competition, it does not get any worse than Iran and Syria, yet Turkey happily aligns itself with these countries. In fact Turkey wants it both ways, allied to the West and part of NATO and at the same time regional big shot shoulder to shoulder with Iran.

While all this is going on the EU member countries fudge the whole point of Turkey joining the EU and the full implications beyond this. Serious smuggling between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria was clear for any tourist to see 30 years ago. And now, as then, in the border areas of Turkey a very different rule of law applies.

The reality of contemplating EU membership for Turkey is never faced, it's always seen in arrogant terms, 'it would benefit them', why? Why always that way around, how about they would make things worse for us? Their membership would skew the present precarious balance in the EU to tipping point, the back door would be open allowing a clear path between central Europe and the terrorism of the Middle East. This would bring Pakistan and Afghanistan even closer. This is ridiculous, in the latter we are fighting a war to, so we are told, keep our countries safe. And we are doing so in alliance with Pakistan, the same country who are feeding the Taliban in Afghanistan.

On a recent trip there Dr Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, said it was a "broken 13th-century country". As the Tory party are keen on the EU and Turkey being a part of it the way ahead is clear. Afghanistan joins the EU! Germany could sell them lots of cars and we all live happily ever after. What if this plan goes wrong you say? Well that's easily sorted, much as Turkey helped Palestine with the 'peace convoy' it could help with the enemies of Afghanistan. Unfortunately the downside of all this is that those enemies are us.

The bottom line here is that the dreaming and assuming does not pay. We, sort of, speak the same language as the Americans, the special relationship is founded upon that and no more. We are neighbours to Europe, that's all, we don't have to share everything we have with them. Independence is in both cases, the US and the EU, the only sensible option.