In praise of Fraser Nelson

Putting pressure on the pressure groups

Fraser Nelson Fraser Nelson
Journalist Fraser Nelson could well end up Mayor of London, he writes beautifully and is funny too. A man of many skills, he caused havoc for Gordon Brown in the run-up to the General Election. The trick here was to ask serious questions about the economy at press conferences. This spooked Brown who, despite the claim made by his spinners of him being an economics genius, was unable to answer the questions from Nelson, odd that. Brown the economics guru studied history at university and has no formal economics related qualifications. Not that this should have been a bar to Brown becoming Chancellor as Nelson, like Brown studied history. However, it seems that Nelson 'learnt on the job' and so became able to understand economics and produce in depth articles packed with detail and complete with graphs to illustrate his opinion. What a pity Brown could not manage to create for himself the same path to knowledge, never mind, it's all water, and public money, under the bridge now!

Nelson is, like Boris Johnson was, Editor of the Spectator. You may say it's unlikely that a man with a discernible Scottish accent becomes the Mayor of London, Nelson was born in east Glasgow. But you never know, Brown became PM. Johnson saw it as his duty to write with passion and tear into hypocrisy. So I imagine he approves of his successor's article on the double standards behind the reporting of the madness in the middle east. On the subject of the Middle East it would seem that unless you back the Palestinian cause, without reservation, then you are in the wrong. Rather like gravity acts vertically downwards, always, so Israel is, always, in the wrong.

This is so stupid it marks out the people who think this way. The same people who loathed George W Bush and queue up to bash bankers. The same people who get their opinions in kit form from the liberal-left MSM and do no personal research on these subjects. The same people who know nothing about the founding of modern Israel nor could say of which State Bush was once Governor. But, and this is funny, would know very accurately the value of their property and the best place for their savings. Still that's the liberal middle class for you! Support for Palestine in the UK also comes from the hard left, the trade unions.

In some areas of activism support for Palestine is seen as, like shoes, essential. In single subject pressure groups, I've heard speakers at meetings confidently weave the main subject into a mix with support for Palestine without the slightest hesitation. Also criticism of this sort of approach is generally, amongst such 'activists', regarded as proof of insanity. It's true the people of Palestine are suffering, a great deal of it brought about by the likes of Hamas, this however, never gets a mention. I urge you to read the Nelson article.