Lazy MSM, same elephant

Bin taxes to go, EU to remain

There's no reason for itThere's no reason for it
The recent shooting incident in Cumbria was a mixture of many things. So much so that any easy understanding of it at this early stage is impossible. However, despite the tragedy, some people saw it as an opportunity to campaign for more restrictions on gun ownership. This is pathetic and an insult to those who have suffered as a result of this incident. People die as a result of unhygienic hospitals yet nobody campaigns for restrictions on hospitals. Perhaps eventually it will be seen that more law, more restrictions, are not the obvious and only route out of any problem. This is not the time to fall on simple 'facts' and, wrongly, extrapolate from them.

The taxi driver responsible for the shooting was legally entitled to own these guns. He had a minor criminal record, for theft, some have decided, in advance of any proper analysis, that this alone was a good reason to prevent him having a gun permit. Why so? Now consider the case of Major Mick Flynn. According to reports he has a minor criminal record,see HERE but this is not dwelt on, it's seen as irrelevant. Good job this blemish did not stand in his way. The reporting of, and the mindset behind, these two cases tells us a lot about our society.

Onto the alcohol limit for drivers. The present law on this, like the legal framework for awarding gun permits, seems to be working well. So the question is, why make an alteration? Well it's all to do with the EU. And as usual when it comes to matters EU Richard North is the best source.The point he makes, as usual, is the 'elephant in the room' one. The MSM is reporting the possible changes to the alcohol limit for drivers not saying why or what is behind it. But then I say this omission, this muddle, is very much of the same school of thought, or lack of it, we saw in the reporting of the Cumbrian shooting.

Finally the Telegraph tells us that 'meddling' laws that penalise 'Middle England' are to be scrapped. The detail is given in a lengthy article and in the editorial. As usual, all the detail but no mention of the EU. Funny that, for when it comes to meddling and doing not just Middle England down but the whole nation then the EU beats even Nulabour, easily. Remember it was David Cameron who said, when speaking of the EU, that he would "not let matters rest". So when do we see some action, can't we say we are happy with the alcohol limit for driving as it is?