New leader sought to solve old problem

Would-be Nuleaders, much merriment

The future?The future?
Well hidden, deep in a desert of South Western USA is the Boneyard. This is a ghostly place where the US military stores its unwanted aircraft see HERE. By contrast the political scrapyard in which Nulabour waits to be recycled is, for those who want to see it, in full view. Although it would be wrong to say we are all agog, as most of us are not. Put simply Nulabour has slipped off the nation's radar, this is a geeks only story. Even so it's very interesting (how sad!).

Tradition has it that in a two party system with the first past the post outcome for elections, the opposition is a vital part of the parliament. However, FPTP was not the exact outcome of the election, furthermore, the Nucoalition (LibDem/Con) is doing rather well. This means tha,t so far, the most important opposition to David Cameron has come from his backbenchers and the 1922 Committee.

At first it might have been thought that the Nulabour leadership battle would have been between the Blairites and the Brownites, so far the former are well in the lead. The Miliband bothers are way ahead with David Miliband leading. Thus the question arises if there is so much support now why did David Miliband not show more resolve a long time ago and challenge Gordon Brown; perhaps his support is, like Miliband, indecisive? As Brown was far more a ditherer than a 'clunking fist' how funny is that? If Miliband wins, it will be one ditherer after another.

Equally it might have been thought that the Brownites would put up a better show. At the time of writing Ed Balls still waits for full support from the party to allow him to go forward. This tells us a lot about the Brownites; people like Damian McBride and Derek Draper plus various trade union thugs such as Charlie Whelan were useful but they are not in parliament. However, the demise of Brownism does not represent a triumph for the Blairites, they've gone too. It's now possible to take the long view on Nulabour and the Blair years. Far from being a brilliant performer with total confidence Blair morphed into a weirdo with a fake tan and a ridiculous accent too shy to do much to help 'his' party. So for Nulabour, 'the project', it really is back to the drawing board. Do the would be leaders understand this?

Also looking for a chance to lead Nulabour is Diane Abbott. The website, 'Politics Home' has conducted a poll and the results put her ahead, just, while the Daily Mail poll puts her well into the lead with 48% of the vote. Clearly the nation is having a 'larf' here and the Daily Mail admits this is so, it says -

"The strongest backing for the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP in the poll came from Tory and Lib Dem voters. Her high media profile could explain her performance in the poll, although the backing from non-Labour supporters could be intended to get Labour to appoint the candidate least likely to win a general election".

That's a polite way of putting it! Only in Nulabour and parts of the MSM is Abbott taken seriously, most people see her as joke.In addition, we can all remember the pictures of David Miliband with his banana. He too, outside the rarefied atmosphere of the MSM, can't see what his true value is. Both Abbott and Miliband are high media profile people and not much else, the fact is there is not much talent left near the top of Nulabour. So who is to blame?

At the moment Brown carries the can for the Nulabour election defeat. But the real culprit for party mismanagement, the person who is responsible, is Blair. Rather like Blair lacked the guts to sack Brown when he was Chancellor, Blair failed to bring forward the younger party members to test their talent. When the history of the years 1997 to 2010 is written, Blair will get a drubbing, serve him right too.

Footnote - For an update on the Nulabour leadership race see HERE.