When the dust settles?

Politics under a cloud

Old joke?Old joke?
The Icelandic volcano spewing forth ash has done its bit to derail Blairism. Tony Blair is unable to fly to London to promote his book or help on the election trail. The London Book Fair is badly hit by the ash cloud and we can imagine the publicity for Blair at this event might have been used by the living saint as a platform for a bit of glad-handing in key marginals. This however, would not have suited Harriet Harman. The Times tell us that-

Deputy leader Harriet Harman has played down Tony Blair’s role in the election, fuelling speculation he is being discouraged from playing a more prominent role.

With the election in the state it is, have you seen many posters, had a canvasser at your door? You would have thought that Nulabour would have been only too pleased for Blair to put up a show and liven things up. Indeed the Times also tells us -

Blair is expected to make at least one more high-profile appearance in the UK before polling day

Let's hope that Nulabour HQ are not banking on this event as Blair has lost so much credibility he could be more trouble than he's worth. As the Times reminds us -

Blair spent the week in the Middle East and has not been seen since his speech last month in Sedgefield, Co Durham, when commentators lampooned his “orange” tan and “mid Atlantic” accent.

And the fact is the man is a joke yet it was not so long ago his return was regarded as the most serious thing on the political horizon. His return was to strike fear into the hearts of Nulabour's opponents. But saying this only confirmed what a liability Gordon Brown is. And Brown is the man Blair lacked the courage to sack. So the demise of Nulabour and Blair in harmony, how about that? And the next question: is Nick Clegg the new Blair?