Debate, debate , debate

Dull, dull, dull

Alien life forms spotted in northern UK city Alien life forms spotted in northern UK city
First the debate then the debate about the debate. The MSM are convinced that the recent fake debate on TV is the greatest thing to have ever happened in UK politics, hence the constant reference to the 'great' debate. It was nothing of the sort. The very fact it happened, in Manchester, represents, for the MSM bubble, a points' win over the Westminster bubble. They're not quite the same people and this time the southern centric lobby lost.

But then when you look at the detail we are all losers. The audience in Manchester was specially selected and not allowed to clap, cheer or respond in anyway. What a cheek! The quality of debates in the House of Commons is appalling but at least those MPs who bother to attend can vent their frustrations. Not only does the political establishment treat us with contempt but the MSM has now joined the game.

It was a show from the start, up north, Manchester, gritty realism starts here etc, if only! Remember the 1960's TV sci-fi series Star Trek? They do say it had a plot, no matter, it was strong on visual imagery. It was all to do with a space journey that was to take years to complete. But funny as it goes, to control the spacecraft the actors stood at consoles and tried to look purposeful (surely they would get tired standing up?). It was a bit like that at Manchester but it was the viewers that got tired.

Looking like three rejects from the cast stood at ultra modern lecterns our wannabe leaders tried to look in control, some say they failed, all of them. Rod Liddle in an article titled - 'The contempt that the two main parties are held in' says -

"My guess is that Nigel Farage, Caroline Lucas and maybe even that charming Mr Griffin would have been as popularly received as Nick Clegg, had they been offered the chance to debate".

He is right, but our three rejects and their parties just don't see it. If there was a tradition of good debates in the HoC that were properly and critically reported then this fake debate on TV would not be required. Important issues like the EU did not get a mention. Perhaps this was deliberate as it would have 'spoiled' a bit of good TV! The MSM are hailing it as a success. But the viewing figures are way down on what you might expect for a large sporting event or an important episode for, or death of, a TV soap star.

But the MSM is cock-a-hoop, they feel they are in control, however they, like the political people just don't see it. So it's wall to wall Clegg until Joe Public screams with boredom. There are traps ahead for the LibDems. That awful creep Alan Johnson is extending an olive branch to them. But Johnson really wants ID cards and the database state, the LDs say they do not, so what happens next? Traditionally the LD's can, when victory seems unlikley, promise the moon etc. But now the LDs are ahead in the TV poll what next?

The LD's could stay silent and hope or start to wind back on promises. They will have it hard in the next few weeks, serve them right!

Footnote -

The great spewing forth of lava from the Icelandic volcano seems, in some newspapers, to have knocked the Manchester spewing off its No1 perch. So how long did that last then?