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we subsidise this crueltywe subsidise this cruelty
Alistair Darling mentions that wind power will play an important part of the regeneration of the UK and no-one questions this in the House of Commons. We are to spend hundreds of billions of pounds decapitating birds, ruining the countryside and outsourcing turbine production to provide very little energy. But this will tick some boxes in Brussels and sound good for the environment.

In the meantime the traditional UK dairy industry is in decline and the first 'titan' factory farm dairy is proposed, see Compassion in World Farming.


The cows will be virtual indoor milking machines, rarely allowed out to graze and fed on cereals to boost their milk yield, these cows will often be pushed beyond their limits. Traditional dairy farmers are likely to go out of business, unable to compete, the countryside will be devastated with huge sheds and daily HGV intrusions. Pig and chicken factory farms already spell disaster for animals, people and the planet. Windscale factory farming of dairy cows would be a further step in the wrong direction.

At CITES, the UK doesn't even have a separate voice as the fate of species such as: bluefin tuna, elephants, sharks is decided. EU views are given by Spain who has a great interest in tuna fishing and has only reluctantly backed a ban.

The country's front gardens have been allowed to become car parks and bin-holding areas, back gardens are covered in small homes and extensions.

The rest of the world is busily developing new sources of energy, we have gas from shale and research into micro-nuclear sources. Yet here in Britain we are further ruining our seabeds and land, further bankrupting ourselves by heavily subsidising renewable energy procedures such as wind and solar, when many people in other countries, such as Germany and Denmark, are saying have serious environmental effects, insufficient production, and high production costs. See here. Even George Monbiot is, belatedly, critical!!!

Alastair Darling has a great deal to answer for by using what little money we have left on wind generation whilst ignoring the real environment. Unfortunately both the Tories and the Lib-Dems agree with our chancellor.