The EU costs us too much

Time to face the facts, gold plate not required

The elephant's in the room, again! The elephant's in the room, again!
Two articles one newspaper. First the Telegraph has this article by Philip Johnston with the title - 'Bad Laws: Labour has clowned around with our freedom', it is critical of the way we are governed. Few would disagree with what is written it's what is omitted that's the problem; for there is no mention of the EU. By contrast the second article mentions the EU but misses the point of it all. As so often pointed out on this blog about 80% of our law comes direct from the EU. It may take various forms but that's the origin. Some law is brought in to being in anticipation of EU adoption. Other law is gold plated by our public servants out of a messianic sense of duty to a superior and higher level of bureaucracy. Although stupidity will suffice as a summary!

The second article is by Boris Johnson, its title asks the question - 'Why are we paying to educate EU students in our universities'? The first article is too long and diverse to warrant a line-by-line analysis hence my summary above. The second article has been given 'the treatment' by Richard North, so that saves me the bother! North is really harsh on Boris, see HERE but I share his frustration. On the one hand the EU is the elephant in the room, obvious to sensible folk but invisible to journalists. While on the other the EU is permissible as an after dinner rant but no more. As North points out, a not very well informed rant at that.

And the solution to the problem is? We leave the EU and demand a higher quality form of government. This need not be expensive, gold plating is not required, just common sense. When Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London this seemed like a radical change, in part it was. Most cities of the UK are solid Nulabour so Boris was, in that respect, novel. But in terms of scale this was not a huge change, just one city. The change of attitude, across the whole nation, that is called for is another matter altogether. Contemplating this may terrify the political elite but the public are made of tougher stuff and would welcome it.