Is Stephen Byers following Tom Wise?

Byers' market for influencing government

Wise, in prison Wise, in prison

Two names, Tony Blair and Stephen Byers, are both in the news now. However, the glare of the spotlight is brightest on Byers. The Times has a story about Byers with a video clip showing Byers doing what Tom Wise did, remember him? Wise was the UKIP MEP who boasted to a journalist about his income and way of working the system. Eventually reality caught up with Wise and he went to prison, he's there now. If he is allowed newspapers no doubt there will be a booming laugh echoing around the building as he reads the detail. I've met both Byers and Wise. The latter a big booming bully ex-policeman, the former a small apparatchik prone, like his mentor Blair, to near permanent rictus smile. And of course for Blair that's the problem, Byers is like a stick of rock, he has the word 'Blairite' running all the way through his soul.

Byers, still at large Byers, still at large
Blair is in the news too, the Telegraph says he is to 'play key general election role'.
His work the paper tells us comes with 'a brief to target David Cameron's "failure" to modernise the Conservatives'. That might not be too easy. In the final countdown to a general election Nulabour is being kicked around by the trade union movement; but for Unite, in particular its money, Nulabour would be bankrupt. On the other hand Nulabour MPs grab as much money as they can for themselves, what's modern about that?

At the Chilcot Inquiry Blair put up a poor performance. His time out of the Westminster bubble has knocked the shine out of him, he appeared out of practice and a bit pathetic. This man is to 'help' Nulabour? In the Times article the list of names mentioned in this tangled web regarding lobbying for money, is impressive -

Tony Blair, Patricia Hewitt,Geoff Hoon, Margaret Moran, Jacqui Smith, Hazel Blears, Harriet Harman, Lord Adonis and Lord Mandelson.

The article also says some Conservatives may be mired in this sort of thing, but does not give any names.