BA, Nulabour and Unite

Brown 'saves the world' but can he stop the strike?

Up and away?Up and away?
It's just like the old days with the MSM full of comments about the upcoming British Airways' strike. It's years since we've had a good strike; Nulabour has had it easy with no awkward industrial disputes to deal with and show leadership, or even common sense. But then with not much industry left in the UK it has not been too difficult for them on that score. Gordon Brown told us he had got rid of boom and bust, cynics would say just one not both! It is also true, says Brown, that the current bout of financial woes "started in America". But what of the origins of this strike?

Seamus Milne writing in the ever reliable Guardian has the headline - "Labour rolls over for BA's bullies". And we all know how this sort of thing sends our dear PM into a rage as it's so unfair, so hard on the poor and the weak who cannot stand up for themselves. But Milne does have this to say of the background to the dispute -

"Underlying the dispute, of course, is a series of corporate failures under Walsh's stewardship, the impact of recession and the threat from low-cost airlines that have led the way in driving down labour costs and standards across the industry. That BA cabin crew should be condemned for attempting to halt the race to the bottom and negotiate a better way out of the crisis simply reflects the corporate prism through which all economic and business issues are now debated in the public mainstream".

This tells us a great deal by the tried and tested route of leaving things out. For example - 'the threat from low-cost airlines', we can thank the EU for that but Milne omits to mention this. On the other hand can you imagine Nulabour, Guardian readers, assorted trade unionists and dreamers wanting to face this truth? Rather like the EU wants "an ever closer union", the dreamers want a glorious centralist socialist state but without the drawbacks. For it is EU legislation that has already prevented the British Airline Pilots' Association from holding a strike, see HERE. What to do, laugh or cry? Milne also says -

"they (Nulabour) have resolutely refused to repeal any substantive part of the Thatcher government's anti-union legislation"

As over 80% of our laws in the UK now come from the EU the chances of this happening is nil, so why the act of pretend from Milne and his ilk?

Brown and his relationship with the trade union Unite puts him and them on the spot, neither comes out looking good. Still credit where credit is due, Milne does not weave Lord Ashcroft into his fantasy, it's a start!

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