Barbarism in the UK

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Christopher Booker sums up the global warming scandal:

Since 1988, when the greatest scare the world has seen got under way, hundreds of billions of pounds have been poured into academic research projects designed not to test the CO2 warming thesis but to take it as a given fact, and to use computer models to make its impacts seem as scary as possible. The new global "carbon trading" market, already worth $126 billion a year, could soon be worth trillions. Governments, including our own, are calling for hundreds of billions more to be chucked into absurd "carbon-saving" energy schemes, with the cost to be met by all of us in soaring taxes and energy bills.

Millions are spent on propaganda, especially to convince frighten our children about the apocalypse to come. Meanwhile we subsidise the demise of bluefin tuna, 'discard' millions of tons of perfectly good fish, help destroy rainforests and agricultural land in order to produce biofuels to comply with EU directives and then we allow barbaric factory farming on a scale unknown, so far, in the UK.

Planning permission is being granted for an 8,000 cow factory farm, see here. Shame on us, see here. Of course we are assured that slurry will be recycled to generate power for the national grid and an anaerobic generator will produce enough electricity for more than 2,000 homes. This will help our emissions targets, so we can tick a small box for our government in Brussels.

Buy organic, soil association approved milk. It's only a little dearer. Or support CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) to help make the lives of our farm animals humane. Support the environment and not the climate change scam.