Silence descends on Corus

Desperate but damned

Corus, a desperate and big problem  Corus, a desperate and big problem
An interesting story on the BBC radio 4 'Today' programme this morning. This evening the Teeside Corus steel- making plant will close, to be mothballed. On the radio we heard the history of steel-making in this region and the huge impact its closure will have. It was a short report and we may assume that the BBC felt listeners needing more could go to their website, that report is HERE. From this, much longer report, we learn that -

Gordon Brown said he is "desperately looking" for investment and Corus claims it is open to "credible offers".

However, what we are not told is the background to this closure; the carbon trading plan, the involvement of Tata and the EU. A report without this detail is not credible either. The BBC pays its large group of executives close on £40 million per year, see HERE. Now this sort of money would not go far trying to keep open a steel plant but it is public money, what would the public prefer, a bigger BBC or Corus? Actually it's not all public money, we are told that £141 million of support for the BBC comes from the EU see HERE. And naturally fears about impartiality are unfounded!

So Gordon Brown is "desperately looking" for investment, I'll bet he is, but I think and I'm sure the Corus workers would agree, the public purse is empty. The money has been spent on the banks and there is the fact that the EU is happy for this plant to close. Also the BBC is desperately trying to tell us another story and not the real one, the facts behind this closure. However, to get the real story you have to go to the blogs, but I think you knew that anyway! See the best one HERE for more information.