Cutting for a purpose

The age of waste cut adrift

Big cuts coming!Big cuts coming!
Birmingham is starting to cut council jobs, it will be interesting to watch for a number of reasons. Tradition has that all cities in the UK are solid, first old, then Nulabour. Gordon Brown and the government have tried to suggest that the voter will turn and run from any party even thinking aloud about cutting 'services'. But is this so?

Birmingham stopped being solid Nulabour in 2004, this was the time of the original Nulabour vote rigging scandal, there have been others too. Also the voters are not stupid, they know that each and everyone of those Outreach Officers has to be paid for.

At the moment there is a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition running the city, it will be watched closely to see how it holds up when the cuts begin take effect. This coalition took over when council spending was thought of as being like breathing; it came naturally, there was no reason to stop! The current overspend is firmly in the area of Social Services.

Also, and naturally, the Nulabour opposition are keen to suggest that babies will die and old people will have to learn to make tea from tree bark. To repeat, the voters are not stupid. As when Boris Johnson was on the campaign trail up went the cry that Boris "would be bad for the environment". This utter nonsense from the Green Party and others did not stop Boris becoming Mayor of London.

So it will be all eyes on Birmingham. The voter is way ahead of the typical politician here, they don't want to go back to the dark ages but neither do they want their young relatives saddled with so much public debt. Anyone over 40 years of age knows that the UK was a decent reasonable society when they were a child. Yes there were problems, some remain and fresh ones have joined them. They also know that the massive increase in the number of public sector workers has not solved much.

Long ago the good reputation of the NHS was beyond doubt; it's different now, we all have a tale to tell and some of these stories are truly scary. It's the same with local government, most people have a story about what they see as corruption. Not far from here is a children's hostel, it is a byword for the bizarre: the conversion from a dwelling, its subsequent use, anything you care to consider about it is odd.

Some local residents have investigated this place, their phone calls letters and visits to council offices have been met with a strange mix of reactions, they ranged from the scared and defensive to the aggressive. All this tends to suggest the legality of this place is questionable, that there is something to hide.

The dysfunctional nature of UK government, so obvious at local government level, means that the public will accept cuts for their secondary merit of helping to sort this mess out. Enough is enough, Outreach Workers beware!