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Whilst the major parties are squabbling over how to pay for the long term care of the elderly and talk of a black hole of 6 billion, Richard North tells us that Gordon Brown ( with full support from David Cameron and Nick Clegg) has just quietly spent £600 million buying carbon credits.

Buyers used by the government will earn:

..typically 15 percent or more of the selling price in commissions – giving them a £9 million tax-funded bonanza....
Each government department will be billed separately for the carbon credits they use, which will include the Ministry of Defence. It will have to divert millions from front-line troops in Afghanistan, to cover the emissions from defence buildings, including those in Germany where our Nato troops are based.

Last week, local authorities hit out at Government plans to provide free home care under the Personal Care At Home Bill, saying it could cost them more than £20m. This is an insignificant sum compared to the £600 million plus all the other billions being spent to combat alleged 'climate change' and could be spent on care of the elderly. As things go there won't even be enough money to buy them *woolly hats for next winter.

*Edwina Currie once famously advocated this.