The Dizaei way of doing things

With help from the usual suspects

Ali  Dizaei, guilty Ali Dizaei, guilty
So Ali Dizaei has been found guilty, is this important? Yes it is. Dizaei had reached up to the heights of the Metropolitan Police Force and made them his own territory. He was a relentless self-promoter but found plenty of help on his way from certain sections of the media. He was the darling of the race relations industry. As might be expected the fight back has begun.

The Guardian tells us - Ali Dizaei 'was investigated as though he was an enemy of state'

While the Times says - 'Ali Dizaei - ethnic champion in Metropolitan Police exposed as a bully'

The full Guardian story is HERE, and the Times is HERE. Take your pick.

Over the coming weeks television, radio and newspapers will wade in. Selections will be made from Dizaei's past to promote this or that point. The same will happen when the role of the Metropolitan Police is reviewed. What they did, or perhaps what they did not do, raked over and over again. What will be hard to hide is that the Met spent so much time, so by inference public money, furthering the cause of race relations. All this when the average onlooker would have assumed that the prime role of the
police was related to crime!

Jack Straw, yet to be tried Jack Straw, yet to be tried
The problem is not, as the charge against Dizaei reads, 'perverting the course of justice'. The problems here go right to the top. Dizaei was instrumental in the creation of The National Black Police Association (NBPA). He was its leading light and worked in most of its top jobs. His relentless promotion of the organisation was personal, the NBPA and Dizaei were indivisible. Another 'suspicious' relationship is the one between the NBPA and Nulabour.

They both get into their stride at about the same time, it was love at first sight. Particularly smitten here is Jack Straw, for if it could be said that Dizaei was the mouth of the NBPA then Straw was the motor. As we have seen from the Chilcot Inquiry Straw is, on legal matters, not only prepared to cut corners but happy to boast how he can get away with it too. So the charge for Jack Straw must be 'perverting the course of policing'. Vast amounts of public money have gone into the BPNA, it has been legitimised by all Home Secretaries, it is yet another area for investigation.

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