Wilders fights for free speech

Double Dutch court?

What about the Life of Mohammed?What about the Life of Mohammed?

When the Danish cartoons were printed the UK mainstream media refused to join in. They could have said that they were scared of reprisals and so could not reprint them, but they simply declared them 'offensive'. This was hardly the case as only the one of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban was faintly provocative. The moment was lost for solidarity amongst the Western media in the cause of free speech.

Subsequently we have allowed women in niqabs to hold up placards proclaiming that the 'real holocaust' is nigh, given police protection to Islamists calling soldiers 'baby butchers' and given tens of millions of public money to Islamic agencies - ostensibly to 'prevent terrorism.' We openly allow hate speech from Islamist radicals, allow the head of the sharia council of Britain to claim that the odd amputation would prevent theft, never prosecute cases of female genital mutilation, do little to prevent forced marriage and 'honour' crime and even allow polygamy - if the marriages are arranged abroad! We allow terrorist groups to raise money, run 'charities' and proselytise in universities, mosques and prisons. Meanwhile government meets with far right institutions such as the Muslim Council of Britain but not moderate or even ex-Muslim groups.

Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch filmaker, was murdered for making a short film called Submission about Muslim intolerance of women, his co-director Ayaan Hirsi Ali was had to have 24 hour police protection and was forced out of Holland. See here. The Danish cartoonists live under death threats and Geert Wilders must have 24 hour police protection. Here in the UK, when Channel 4 filmed Islamist hardliners preaching hatred against infidels and gays, West Midlands police tried to sue Channel 4! See here.
Theo van GoghTheo van Gogh
So, this is a supremely important debate. The Dutch courts charge that Wilders ‘on multiple occasions, at least once, (each time) in public, orally, in writing or through images, intentionally offended a group of people, i.e. Muslims, based on their religion’.

However, the very fact that Geert Wilders is permanently under threat of death, rather than merely being upset, seems to be disregarded. This trial is of vital importance but is getting little attention in the UK.

Only a few weeks ago anyone criticising the science of global warming was a flat-earther or a 'denier'. Now the flood gates are opening and truth is being revealed. Perhaps common-sense will prevail in this trial. Either way Geert Wilders will attain the moral high ground and, if he is imprisoned for two years, expect riots in Holland, that former home of intellect, reason, open-mindedness and humour. How this has changed with the fear of a Muslim backlash.

Remember, Geert Wilders' Freedom Party is the largest growing party in Holland and could win the most seats in the next election and he could become Prime Minister. He has a bad press here simply because our mainstream journalists think and react like a pack. They obviously haven't listened to the man or haven't understood his reasoning which is liberal, democratic, provocative. He even manages to show a sense of humour despite the permanent threat of oblivion. Perhaps this is why he is popular with the people but not the ruling élites?