Should criticising the EU be a crime?

Papal expression versus EU Commission

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Gordon Brown proposes a referendum on electoral reform, this is something important that must be put to the people. Yet, the people weren't given the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty that they had been promised by Tony Bliar, despite overwhelming support, because this wasn't something important that they should worry about. As about 80% of our laws are now made by the EU this statement is pretty patronising. Gordon simply wishes to give the MSM something to talk about to divert them from the major problems facing the country:energy,economy and political stupidity to name just three.

Equally many politicians are ranting on about the Pope's interference in national politics, namely his criticism of Ms Harman's Equalities Bill. He has the cheek to claim that this discriminates against traditional Catholic beliefs.

However, this bill originates from the EU's proposed Equal Treatment Directive which is ostensibly intended to "harmonize" and enforce existing rules on discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, age, religious belief and disability that are currently outside the scope of employment law.

Ms Harman obviously wants to lead the way in establishing this confusion into British law because she knows she is right. Nonetheless all the spadework has been carefully done in Brussels and just needs whipping into national legislation.

Tony Blair knew he was right over Iraq, Dr Pachauri knows he is right about climate change, Nick Clegg knows he is right about the EU, the Muslim Council of Britain knows it is right to criticise homosexuality. Sometimes the people should be consulted in a referendum and sometimes not. Our leaders will tell us when.
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At least the Pope was elected, the EU Commission and its assorted Presidents and High Representative were not and our government in Westminster is becoming increasingly irrelevant..