Terrifying jokes

Safe from what?

Is flying safe? Is flying safe?
Rod Liddle has an excellent article in the Spectator, its title is - "Would a terrorist really post a warning on Twitter"? Good question, as with all things Liddle the question or proposition he starts off with is simply a tool. It enables Liddle to have a rant, he's probably one of the UK's top ranters and after a slow start he gets onto the case. For the title of this rant refers to a man, Paul Chambers, who threatened to blow up his local airport and Liddle gives the extenuating circumstances which I urge you to read.

There can be no doubt that Chambers was stupid, equally, as Liddle suggests, there can be no doubt that the police over-reacted. The yawning gulf between the police and the public and remember it is the latter that funds the former, is getting wider all the time. It also widens in lock-step with the gap between the politicians and the public, and for mostly the same reasons. The UK police are now more politicised than at any time since Sir Robert Peel. The Association of Chief Police Officers, ACPO, is a highly politicised trade union in the manner of the National Union of Mineworkers of old when under the leadership of Arthur Scargill, only much more successful.

An artist painting a water-colour of a city scene is thought, by the police, to be a terrorist, photographers are an easy target too and are roughed up as if this is a legitimate form of sport. A sort of 'stretching the legs' exercise after a bad week filling in all those forms. Back to the Liddle question - "Would a terrorist really post a warning on Twitter"? It is an extremely blunt instrument that sees the entire population of the UK on the verge of a terrorist act. Real terrorists will not be deterred by this behaviour, in fact they will be encouraged. They will go about their works with a skip in their step, why not? They are winning.

The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, says the threat of attack is "very real".There are a number of problems here, not least the risible Miliband. For he is a minister in a government that has got so much wrong, the war in Iraq is an example. And a reason to wonder how the UK can get back to sanity. Another example, the government got swine flu so wrong why should we take them and all the other authorities seriously. Madness leads to more madness. As Liddle pointed out Chambers sick joke and the reaction was stupid. Well try this; Islamic inspired terrorism has reached a point that the authorities blow up live pigs to learn more about such acts, see HERE

MPs and animal welfare groups have questioned the use of live animals in the explosions, even though the pigs were anaesthetised throughout. None survived the experiments.

Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes, said: “These are revolting and unnecessary experiments. Sadly, we are too familiar with the effects of terrorism. It is perfectly possible to find out things we don’t know without blowing up pigs to find out.”

I've a good mind to buy a camera and photograph every railway station in the land! Safe? The population of the UK will never be safe until the over-aching philosophy of government and the relevant authorities is changed. We deserve better than this.