Whose law is it anyway?

Gary and Andrew


Thankfully the High Court has granted a further judicial review of the Home Secretary's decision to allow extradition proceedings against Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon to proceed. The move means the imminent threat of extradition is removed until at least April. Legal proceedings are now almost certain to drag on beyond the General Election, raising optimism among Gary's supporters that the Tories will halt the extradition if they win. See here.

We do hope that the Tory and Lib Dem support for Gary extends to all those extradited under the EU arrest warrant. Most notably in the case of Andrew Symeou.

Gary's case has dragged on for six years and thankfully he has had a lot of publicity thanks to a high profile campaign and help from newspapers, most notably the Daily Mail.

The case of Andrew Symeou has had little publicity and he languishes in a Greek jail. Our High Court Judges dismissed his appeal:

even though in some instances they had agreed that the evidence submitted did show that the Zante police investigation was flawed and could not rule out that they were not guilty of manipulation and fabrication of evidence. However they ruled that this was an argument for the Greek courts.

Andrew SymeouAndrew Symeou
Even the most superficial examination shows that the case against Andrew is built on a flawed police investigation, mistaken identity and conflicting evidence. There is no sense in surrendering this young man to Greece to fight this flimsy case in a foreign court." See Fair Trials International.

The Tories and Lib Dems rightly criticise Labour over the McKinnon case but a UK government will be able to change the US extradition rules if it so wishes. They are quiet about Andrew Symeou because this case relates to EU rules which our national government cannot change.